Air Conditioner Installations

Red cloud and sun line iconAs the weather gets warmer outside, we know some of you will want to install a personally-owned air conditioner (A/C). As we have in previous years, the Apartment Facilities Office is available to assist with this installation. We are accepting maintenance requests now, and will complete the work in the order we receive them. Because our spring weather is so variable, we do not prioritize A/C installations until May.

Please remember there is a fee for this service. The fee will be going from $40 to $50 effective July 1, 2024. This fee includes both the A/C installation, including high density foam insulation around the unit, and removal in the fall. In your A/C installation maintenance request, you will need to note that you accept this fee. This fee will be added to your monthly invoice. Our office receives many requests to install A/C units, and it may take longer than usual for our staff to fulfill your request.

To best prepare your apartment for the installation, please remove your air conditioner from any packaging materials and set it on the floor under the air conditioner sleeve in Eagle Heights or Harvey Street (usually found on the wall in the living room covered by a metal plate). Also, please have the space around the A/C clear of furniture so it can be safely and quickly installed by our staff.

University Houses residents: We require that you have our staff install any A/C units in University Houses due to the safety concerns of installing them in the windows. We provide a stand to minimize support the A/C, provide the correct pitch to drain the water outside of our your apartment and minimize the impact on the window. We provide one air conditioner install at no charge for University Houses apartments for this reason. When you submit a work order for an A/C installation, please place the A/C under the window you would like it installed in.

Please note that University Apartments does not provide air conditioners for residents. If you need help determining the correct size air conditioner for your apartment, please contact University Apartments. Please visit our website for more information. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work to accommodate your comfort needs.