Maintenance Minute: Turning Down the Heat

Red sun and cloud line iconWarmer Wisconsin months are coming soon! As many of us are looking forward to spending more time outside in the higher-than-winter temperatures, our Facilities staff will begin to turn off the heat in our residence halls.


We don’t want you or our buildings to be too cold! We monitor the weather and make sure that the temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees during the day and above 32 degrees at night before we turn heat off for the season. This usually happens in mid-April, but this all depends on the weather we have. We could turn off heat this week or it could be close to May.

What if I’m hot?

If you are too warm in your room before the heat is turned off, we encourage you to open a window. A spring breeze might be refreshing!

In residence halls with air conditioning, the A/C will be turned on when the heat is turned off. Though, you really can’t beat a fresh breeze after a cold winter, so you might not need the A/C!

In Lowell, unfortunately, your windows don’t open. Until the A/C is turned on, we have a temporary cooling solution in place to make the building more comfortable for you.

If you have a medical accommodation requiring an air conditioner, please submit a maintenance request so we can install one in your room. We will do so after the heat has been turned off in your building.

How do I adjust my heating & air conditioning?

If you’re not sure how to adjust the temperature in your room, visit your residence hall page where you can find information in the “Heating & Cooling” section.

Is everything working?

If you think the heat source in your room isn’t working quite right, let us know. Additionally, if you are in a building with air conditioning and you think that might not be running in your room, tell us that, too! You can do so by submitting a maintenance request, and our staff will address it as soon as they can.

Stay warm (and cool)!

Submit a Maintenance Request