Maintenance Minute: Why Working with Facilities Works for You

Red briefcase line iconWorking with University Housing Facilities is a great way to spend your summer. We have a variety of open positions, including Maintenance Technicians, Construction & Trades Technicians, and Grounds Technicians. There are positions available across campus, so if you would prefer a quick commute, work in Southeast! If you’d rather enjoy sunny days by Lake Mendota, come work in Lakeshore. You could even work in the beautiful, historic University Apartments buildings (think Eagle Heights). With any of these positions, you’ll make at least $15/hour with opportunities for wage increases. In the summer, you can work a few hours per week or up to 40 hours, and there’s ample flexibility to balance summer classes, friends, family, and vacations. If you’re interested but unsure where you would live, Housing has thought of that, too! If you work at least 20 hours per week, you can live in the residence halls over the summer as a student employee for $600. That’s $600 for the whole summer, not per month!

Supervisors in Facilities and at University Housing are here to support you, work with you, and help you succeed. They’re right there working alongside you when you need it and do not hesitate to help out with any project, large or small. Join a team that cares about what they do and about YOU.

Be a Maintenance Technician

As a Maintenance Technician, you’ll learn how to repair things, work hands-on, and contribute to a positive learning environment. The position provides any student that is interested in a wide variety of hands-on career paths with a great resume building opportunity and chance to work with supportive supervisors who care about you as a person. If you take pride in what you do and are eager to learn valuable life skills, consider this position. As a Maintenance Technicians, you’ll work with University Housing Facilities staff to complete repairs in University Housing buildings.  Examples of this could be assisting with maintenance of mechanical equipment, completing small repairs, addressing architectural building components, and assisting with grounds work, all while providing excellent customer service. You don’t need any previous experience fixing things; our staff are here to teach you. Think of all the ways you’ll be able to fix your future apartments or homes!

Be a Construction & Trades Technician

Student Construction & Trades Technicians work to provide daily support to full-time trades staff including carpenters, electricians, and painters. As a Construction & Trades Technician, you’ll participate in both hands-on and administrative work, assist with small to large remodeling projects, perform seasonal project work, assist in the prepping of surfaces for paint to be applied, and assist with carpentry and electrician projects. It’s helpful if you have some previous experience working with handheld tools or in maintenance/construction, but much of the position can be learned on the job, so don’t feel intimidated!

Be a Grounds Technician at University Apartments

Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats the serenity of the University Apartments community. University Apartments (UA) includes Eagle Heights, University Houses, and Harvey Street Apartments, and is a quick bike or bus ride away from the residence halls. Work on a tight-knit team supporting graduate students, faculty, and their families. Student Grounds Technicians at UA assist with exterior projects throughout the University Apartments community such as landscaping, trash pickup, repairing playground equipment, and outdoor custodial work.  The position also does some indoor projects in common areas.  If you like to work with your hands and be outside, this is a great position for you!  If you have experience with related tools and equipment, that’s great! If not, that’s okay, too.

Quotes from Facilities Student Staff

Ella, a Construction & Trades Technician

I love my job because our team is like a little family and going to work is fun! Each person has their own task, and we work together, gaining new skills and friendships along the way.

Avi, a Maintenance & Trades Worker Lead

I really enjoy working for Housing Maintenance because it gives me a nice break in the middle of the day to get moving, to work with my hands instead of just being in the classroom and studying all day. I like being able to work with various Mechanics around Lakeshore and learn about the hidden side of what it takes to run the residence halls. I think this is a really fun community and would highly recommend working here.

Ally, Maintenance & Trades Worker Lead

One of my favorite things about working with UHF Maintenance is getting to learn new things each and every day. While working with the UHF Maintenance team, I have learned how to rewire light fixtures, cut ceiling tiles, do demolition work, and much more! I love working within a tight-knit team of students and professionals and being able to learn from a wide array of specialists including electricians, carpenters, painters, and more! UHF Maintenance provides lots of opportunities for advancement. As a Maintenance & Trades Lead, I appreciate being able to guide and support other students and work closely with my supervisor to ensure smooth operations. I find it incredibly rewarding to finish a project on campus and observe the positive impact of the renovations and improvements that I contributed to across the housing facilities.

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