Traveling This Summer? Let Us Know!

Red airplane line iconIf you intend to travel for an extended period of time during the summer recess, please send travel notifications, including your building number and apartment letter, date leaving and expected return to In the event of maintenance emergencies, this helps our Facilities team know if there are apartments we may need to check on to avoid unexpected damages.

You can use the following checklist to help maintain your apartment while you are away:

  • Place your mail on hold. You may register a USPS “Mail Hold” card at the front office of the Community Center, or request a mail hold online. Use the Quick Tools Tab, and in the drop down, select “Hold Mail”.
  • Be sure to turn off alarm clocks you may have set in your apartment.
  • Take out the garbage and any perishable foods that could spoil while you are away.
  • If you are leaving a vehicle, consider leaving a car key with a friend or neighbor. In the event of an emergency (water main breaks, tree goes down, etc.), we may need to have vehicles moved.
  • In the event of inclement weather, University Apartments staff may need to enter your apartment for damage inspection.
  • Move any valuable items (books, electronic equipment, etc.) off the floor to prevent damage in the event of a burst pipe or water damage.
  • Completely close and lock all your windows. Pull down and close any window coverings you may have (shades, curtains, drapes, etc.)
  • Lock your apartment door.


You can pay your rent online using a credit or debit card or an electronic check. When paying with a credit/debit card you will pay an additional 2.85% service fee. Please note you can only pay the when it is assessed each month. You will not be able to pay ahead or credit your account more than the rental balance due at the time.

If you think you will be in an area where you will not have access to log into your UW Housing account to make the payment, please make arrangements to pay your rental balances before you leave. You can pay ahead via personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

Note: Post-dated checks are not held and will be processed when received. You may also make arrangements with your bank to do “bank Bill Pay”. Your bank can mail a check, on your behalf to: 611 Eagle Heights Dr. Madison, WI 53705. Please make all checks payable to: UW–Madison Division of University Housing.

Safe Travels and Enjoy!