Social Media

The Division of University Housing makes use of a variety of social media in order to connect with residents, parents, and employees in order to fulfill our mission to be the place where everyone wants to live. The outlets listed below are fantastic places to ask questions, share photos and videos, and learn about our community from the students and staff that create it every day.

Join the Conversation
Facebook icon University Housing maintains two separate Facebook pages for our apartment and residence hall residents. Both are great places to stay up to date on news, photos, and featured communities.

University Residence Halls

University Apartments
Twitter Icon Through Twitter, University Housing connects with its residents to answer questions, share news, and share photos to create an engaged community.
YouTube Icon Our YouTube Channel features videos of residence life, various housing events, and virtual tours of our newest buildings.
Foursquare icon Foursquare allows students, parents, and visitors to the UW-Madison campus to explore all that our residence halls, apartments, and dining venues have to offer.
Linked In icon On Linkedin, we try to recruit outstanding and diverse student professional employees dedicated to creating a stronger community for everyone.
Instagram Icon Instagram is a place for everyone to share their photos from events and facilities, showcasing the University Housing experience.