University Apartments Lease

When you arrive and pick up the keys to your new home, University Apartments staff will provide you with details about the community, local stores, and other basic information. Typically, this check-in process takes 20-30 minutes. If you are moving in after the office is closed, a Resident Manager will be able to issue you a single key, and you will finish checking in on the next business day.

Eagle Heights  Harvey Street  University Houses 
Lease Periods  July 1 - June 30  June 1 - May 31  July 1 - June 30 
2016-17 Leases  Eagle Heights Lease  Harvey Street Lease  University Houses Lease 
2017-18 Leases  Eagle Heights Lease  Harvey Street Lease  University Houses Lease 
*Occupancy Limits  8 years maximum   8 years maximum  8 years maximum 
*Residents will be notified when they receive their final lease renewal.

Types of Apartments

We have several different options of apartments in our neighborhoods at different rates. Please see the chart below to see if you meet the criteria to be considered for a specific apartment type.

Apartment Type  Eagle Heights Harvey Street University Houses 
1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom Couples without children
Families of 3 or less
Singles without a roommate 
Singles without a roommate

Couples without children
Families of 3 or less
Singles without a roommate 
2 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom Families with children 
Couples without children
Families of 5 or less
Singles with or without a roommate 
Singles with or without a roommate Families with children
Couples without children
Families of 6 or less
Singles with or without a roommate 
3 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom Townhouse
and 2 Flats
Families with two or more children
Families of 7 or less 
N/A Families with two or more children
Families of 8 or less 
Large 3 Bedroom/ 1 or 1 1/2 Bathroom(s)
Apartments and Townhouses 
Families with two or more children
Families of 8 or less 
N/A  N/A 


  • When a new resident is offered an apartment, they complete a lease acceptance form online.
  • Before the due date included in the offer, the new resident and their spouse, domestic partner, or roommate must complete the online form, a security deposit must be received via CashNet or mailed in to the Division of University Housing's cashier's office. A lease is not valid without payment of the security deposit.
  • Rent begins on the first day of the lease term and is payable on a monthly basis to the Cashier's Office.

If a new resident is not in the United States and is not able to make an online payment security deposit payment, contact the University Apartment Office to make arrangements to pay when you arrive. If plans change and a new resident will not be accepting a lease, please contact the University Apartments Office immediately.


A roommate is defined as an adult member of the household who does not have a family or other permanent relationship with a lessee. Roommates must be separately evaluated and approved by staff prior to moving in to an apartment. Each roommate is jointly and severally liable for the terms and conditions of the lease and that full amount of rent due. If one roommate is released from the lease, the remaining roommate shall continue to be responsible for the full rent due.


Current University Apartments residents who wish to move from one neighborhood to another, or to a different apartment unit within the same neighborhood must apply for a transfer. Requests for transfer that are very specific in terms of location may take longer to fulfill. There is a $300 administrative fee for all non-mandatory transfers. Transfers will not be approved for residents who have past-due accounts. Transfer approvals are contingents upon the results of a require pest control inspection of the applicant's current apartment. Damage and cleaning charge, if any, are assessed separately. 

Transfers are categorized as one of three types:

  • Convenience: transfers that are not required by University Apartments to remain in compliance with a lease. Convenience transfers are handled like a new application for an apartment.
  • Priority: transfers due to medical issues, emergencies, or renovations/remodeling that are approved by University Apartments staff.
  • Mandatory: transfers initiated by University Apartments staff due to renovations/remodeling, major physical damage, or families whose size may not allow them to remain eligible due to lease occupancy limitations. 

Guidelines for Subleasing Your Apartment

University Apartments residents are permitted to sublet their apartments to other eligible individual(s) for a maximum period of six months with written consent of the Division. All sublets must be approved, in advance, by the Leasing Coordinator or Director of Leasing. Please explore our whole policy for all the guidelines.

Domestic Partner Applications

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Service Animals as defined by the federal regulations implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act, 28 C.F.R.s 35.104 or the Wisconsin Open Housing Law, Wis. Stats.s.106.50 may reside or visit in University Apartments without limitations. We do ask that residents with a Service Animal in their household notify the Leasing Office.

Applicants and residents requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) should contact the Leasing Office at Leasing@housing.wisc.edu. Leasing staff will provide information directing the resident to the appropriate campus office authorized to review and approved the ESA request.

Residents are not permitted to have an ESA in University Housing prior to approval. If not approved, the animal is not considered an ESA and is therefore subject to the terms and consequences of the housing contract.

If an ESA is approved, Housing staff will arrange a meeting with the resident to carefully review the resident’s responsibilities pertaining to having an ESA in University Apartments.

Lead Paint

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) we are required to inform new residents of any lead-based hazards in your prospective apartment. Federal guidelines require a new resident's signature acknowledging they have received this information. New residents should check the "Resident's Acknowledgement and Certification of Accuracy" on their lease acceptance form.