University Houses

Exterior view of University Houses

Madison, WI 53705  |  Map  |  Rates
144 unfurnished apartments
43 one-bedrooms  |  87 two-bedrooms  |  10 three-bedrooms

The University Houses community is nestled between the woods of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve to the west and east, Eagle Heights to the north, and the village of Shorewood Hills to the south. Like Eagle Heights, the 20 acre apartment community offers easy bike or bus access to UW-Madison's campus, numerous picnic and playground areas, a central community center in Eagle Heights, and one of the oldest community gardens in the United States.

University Houses serves students with families, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, academic staff, and UW-Madison faculty.

All apartments include a standard-sized refrigerator, combination stove/oven, and energy-efficient windows with window coverings (pull-down shades). 

Amenity Information 
Elevators No 
Carpeting No 
Solid Surface Flooring
Air Conditioning  No, residents may purchase one to be installed 
Furnished  No 
Storage  Storage locker and padlock provided-space is limited
Parking 1 space included*
Pets Some pets allowed** 
Smoking Not Allowed 
Dishwashers No
In-Unit Laundry  All 3 Bedroom units are ADA accessible will have in-unit laundry. All units have access to on-site laundry facilities. Personally owned washers and dryers are not permitted in units.

*additional spaces available for a monthly fee on a first come, first serve basis
**Approved pets include: small fish (no larger than 20 gallon tank), salamanders, caged birds, lizards, hermit crabs, frogs, toads, gerbils, white mice, hedgehogs, and hamsters. Dogs, cats, snakes and other animals are not permitted. If you have a service or assistance animal contact McBurney Disability Resource Center before moving in.
Type  In Neighborhood? 
1 Bedroom/1 Bath   
2 Bedroom/1 Bath   
3 Bedroom/1 Bath   
3 Bedroom/1 1/2 Bath  No 
Utility  Included? 
Electric  No* 
Laundry Facilities 
High-speed Campus Internet 
Cable Television 
Telephone Services  No 
*Residents must pay for electrical service to their apartment beginning on the first day their lease begins. Service is provided through Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E).