University Apartments

The University Apartments community is known for its diversity with dozens of nationalities and languages spoken throughout the neighborhoods. We serve UW-Madison graduate students, students with families, postdoctoral researchers, academic staff, and faculty.

Our three neighborhoods have distinct architecture and style. Thousands of residents call our apartments home. Some are here short-term, and some stay with us for many years.

Eagle Heights and University Houses are situated just a half-mile northwest of UW-Madison’s western campus and is a community of apartment buildings nestled in 83 acres of green space on the shoreline of Lake Mendota. These neighborhoods primarily serve families, and boasts numerous picnic and playground areas, a central community center and one of the oldest community gardens in the United States.

Harvey Street Apartments serves single graduate students and is located south of University Avenue, just west of campus. This quiet street is close to shops, restaurants, and the UW campus.

You can apply to one or more of these neighborhoods, depending on your eligibility for each area. Priority is given to families in the University Houses and Eagle Heights neighborhoods. 

Neighborhood University Houses  Eagle Heights  Harvey Street 
Building Style Town Houses Apartment Apartment
1 Bedroom      
2 Bedroom      
3 Bedroom     No 
Number of Apartments 144 1,044     47
Rates $986-1236 $775-1157 $700-900
Nearby services/attractions

Community Center
Lake Mendota
Biking/running trails
UW Hospital

Community Center
Lake Mendota
Biking/running trails
UW Hospital

Hilldale Mall
Quarry Park
University Avenue

Bus lines Route 80 Route 80 There are several on
University Avenue that
pick-up by Bagels Forever

Please contact us if you need additional information regarding housing accommodation requests (i.e. ADA, accessibility, allergies, dietary concerns, etc.).

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