Exterior of Bradley Hall.

Bradley Hall (Summer)

650 Elm Drive | Madison, WI 53706-1127 | Map
Dejope Desk: (608) 890-4895
Capacity: 246 beds

Bradley Hall was renovated in 2013 to include new floor coverings, floor den furniture, bathroom upgrades, painting and an improved cooling capacity. It is a traditional-style hall located on the west side of campus along the shore of Lake Mendota. All rooms are air conditioned. Two bathrooms are conveniently located on each floor and include private shower areas. There is an air conditioned lounge on each floor with a television and comfortable furniture, plus a large meeting space in the lower level. Kitchen and laundry facilities are available. The adjacent Dejope Hall Desk provides desk services. Groups in Bradley Hall typically dine at Four Lakes Market in Dejope Hall. Bradley Hall provides backyard access for reserving the fire circle at Dejope Hall and using the Lakeshore Path. University Recreation & Wellbeing provides fields, tennis courts, and volleyball courts nearby.

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