Care Packages

Heart Cookie

University Housing's care packages are the perfect way to brighten your Badger's day. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, help your favorite badger through a late night of studying, or send some healthy snacks, we’ve got you covered!

To order a care package for your Badger, simply call 1-800-438-5680 (Madison area: 608-262-0057) Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM. Or fill out the order form and mail it to University Housing Dining and Culinary Services. Our Care Packages are available for order from August 28 - December 21 and January 17 - May 10.

Order a Care Package today!

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake - $22.00/$36.00
Our decorated, personalized birthday cake serves 12 people ($22); party size serves 24 ($36). Choose a chocolate, vanilla, or marble cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting. Plates and utensils are provided in a reusable shopping bag.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Heart
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Heart - $12.50
Perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime! This giant, decorated, heart-shaped cookie can be decorated and personalized with a short message and comes with two certificates for a pint of milk.

Brownie Pizza
Brownie Pizza - $15.00
A rich treat great for anytime a student needs a pick me up! Our brownie pizza features chocolate cream frosting, Heath or M&M topping and white drizzle.

Dozen Cupcakes
Dozen Cupcakes - $15.00
Perfect for sharing with friends or any celebration. Choose chocolate or white cupcakes with chocolate or confetti frosting.

Jumbo Cupcakes
Four Pack Jumbo Cupcakes - $13.50
Perfect for sharing with a special someone, or a special treat for a job well done! Choose chocolate or confetti cupcakes with chocolate or confetti frosting.

Milk and Cookies
Milk and Cookies - $10.00
One dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and gift certificate for a milk quart.

Healthy Fruit and Snack Bag
Healthy Fruit and Snack Bag - $20.00
Chock full of healthy treats, this care package is a perfect gift for your busy student. The package comes with a reusable mug and a reusable shopping bag filled with healthy treats including apples, oranges, Clif snack bars and trail mix.

Up All Night Studying
Up All Night Studying - $20.00
This assortment of study snack favorites is perfect for a night of intense studying. The package includes energy items including Vitamin Water, Starbucks Frappuccino drink, Snickers bars, Oreo cookies, pretzels, Ramen Noodles, trail mix, and Kraft Easy Mac & Cheese in a reusable shopping bag.

Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon - $20.00
An assortment of cold "remedies" including: Campbell's Soup Cup, saltine crackers, Vitamin Water, Contact Cold & Flu, Emergen-C, Kleenex, Advil, and fresh fruit in a reusable bag.

Coffee and Ice Cream
Coffee and Ice Cream - $15.00
Three certificates for one ice cream shake, a dish or cone, and a grande espresso drink, contained in a reusable travel mug.

Capital City Pizza Gift Certificates - $10.00
These pizzas are Housing's most popular treat! Order several for your student for made-to-order pizza all semester. Each gift certificate is valid for one 16" pizza.

scoop of ice cream
Add-On Options - $5.00 each
Choose from two certificates for a half-gallons of milk, a certificate for a pint of ice cream, or two Mylar balloons.