Panna Cotta desserts in glass jars


Printable Menu

Cakes (vegetarian)

1/2 Sheet Cakes $35.00, Whole Sheet Cake $70.00

white, chocolate, marble

carrot, lemon poppy seed, red velvet

vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, cream cheese

Add a filling – $10.00 – $15.00 extra
chocolate mousse, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, oreo mousse


Standard – $24.00 per dozen (vegetarian)
with vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Specialty – $36.00 per dozen

  • Lemon Drop (vegetarian)
    lemon cake, filled with lemon curd, topped with cream cheese frosting
  • Peanut Butter (vegetarian)
    chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting & PB drizzle – stuffed with PB mousse
  • Oreo
    chocolate cake with oreo cream filling, oreo frosting, & drizzled with chocolate
  • Zucchini (vegetarian)
    zucchini cake, lime cream cheese frosting
  • Spice Cake (vegetarian)
    spice cake with cream cheese frosting

Mini Verrines – $36 per dozen

One dozen of each flavor minimum

Berry (vegetarian)
vanilla cake, mixed berry compote, pastry cream, topped with whip and a fresh berry

Maple Spice Pecan 
maple mousse, spiced pecans, cinnamon whipped cream

layers of oreo cream, oreo crumbs, chocolate cake, topped with whip and oreo crumbs

Decadent Chocolate (vegetarian)
layers chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, topped with whip and chocolate curls

Mini Desserts (vegetarian)

Mini Macaroons – $18.00 dozen (vegetarian)

Chocolate Truffles – $20.00 dozen (vegetarian)

Waffle Bowls (with pumpkin, peanut butter and caramel pretzel mousse (vegetarian)) – $24.00 dozen

Traditional Cream Puffs – $24.00 dozen (vegetarian)

Cannolis – $24.00 dozen
Choose one flavor per four dozen: traditional ricotta (vegetarian) or pumpkin

Seasonal Mini Dessert Platter – $24.00 dozen (vegetarian)

  • Mini Waffle Bowl Assortment
  • Chocolate Caramel Bar
  • Mini Pies
  • Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Ice Cream Social – $7 per person

30 person minimum

  • Vanilla Ice Cream (vegetarian)
  • Chocolate Sauce (vegetarian)
  • Caramel Sauce (vegetarian)
  • Nuts (vegan, gluten free)
  • Sprinkles (vegetarian)
  • Cherries (vegetarian)
  • Whipped Cream (gluten free)
  • Crushed Oreos (vegan)
  • Candy Pieces (vegetarian)

Platters by the Dozen

Assorted Cookies – $19.00 per dozen (vegetarian)

Assorted Bars – $20.00 per dozen (vegetarian)

Brownies – $20.00 per dozen (vegetarian)

Rice Crispy Bars – $19.00 per dozen

M&M Bars – $21.00 per dozen (vegetarian)

All menu items are subject to availability. Housing Catering has the right to substitute menu items and products given availability.