Online Ordering

Thanks to a partnership with GrubHub, we’re making it even more convenient for you to get the delicious University Housing food that you love! By downloading the GrubHub app or visiting their website, you can order online from any of our venues during our Academic Year. You can even customize your food the same way you do in-person through our easy ordering options, and GrubHub will remember your past orders and preferences so you can quickly order your favorites. Students and staff can even use their Wiscard for payment and receive many of their usual resident/Wiscard discounts on food.

Download GrubHub today!


Save time and skip the lines by ordering ahead through GrubHub and picking up your food at the closest University Housing dining location. Order during normal operating hours, and we’ll notify you when your food is ready for pick-up. Then you can pick it up from the GrubHub pick-up area at that location, confirm your order, and be on your way!

All six Housing dining markets across campus are available, as well as our Bean & Creamery locations. Students and staff can use their Wiscard for payment and receive some of their usual discounts on food. A small $0.59 service fee* is charged for each GrubHub order.

*Prices subject to change