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Online Ordering

University Housing now offers food delivery service through Starship Technologies robots, as well as online ordering for pick-up through GrubHub, to make it even more convenient to get your favorite food!

Starship Technologies

If you are a University Housing Resident, use your Wiscard when ordering through the Starship app and use your Housing Dining Plan and take advantage of a 5% discount on every order. Too busy to stop in one of our Dining Markets to grab a bite to eat? No problem. Get food delivered right to you with our Starship Delivery robots. Placing in order is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 – Get the App

Download the Starship Deliveries app (iOS and Android) on your phone

Step 2 – Order Your Food

Choose what items you would like from one of five locations (Carson’s Market, Gordon Avenue Market, Four Lakes Market, Liz’s Market, or Rheta’s Market), and drop a pin where you want it delivered.

Step 3 – Let the Food Come to YOU!

Sit back, relax, and watch the robot’s journey to you on the interactive map. Once the robot arrives, you’ll receive an alert and you can meet the robot and unlock it in the app.

Delivery costs just $1.99. Orders can be paid with credit/debit card or Wiscard.

Service Area

Check-out our delivery area to see where our robots will go. We’ve expanded our delivery to reach those in the Eagle Heights and portions of the Southeast neighborhood of campus.


UW-Madison and Starship are committed to making this delivery service as accessible as possible. Starship has considered accessibility in the design process of the service/robots, and works with many community organizations, including people with disabilities, with the aim to ensure everyone feels comfortable with the technology and that the needs of various community members are taken into consideration. Improvements are continuing to be made based on feedback and data from over 350,000 autonomous deliveries. Please contact us if you have any feedback on a specific issue so we can make this service available and usable for everyone.

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Assistance and Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for assistance?
For questions, comments, assistance, or concerns, you can contact our Dining office by email at or by phone at 608-262-0057. Or you can contact Starship customer support through the “Help” menu in the Starship app, as well as by email at or by phone at 833-222-9531.

How do I know where to open the robot?
The robot’s flag is on the right side towards the front of the robot.  The hatch is at the back edge of the robot.  Note that you first need to unlock the hatch from the app before opening the robot.

If I cannot drop a pin on a map to determine delivery location, what are my options?
You can select from one of the standard delivery locations in the drop-down menu, or you can contact our Dining office or Starship support for assistance with placing an order.

If I cannot see where the robot is located, how can I find it?
The app shows you were you are located relative to the robot’s location.  Starship is working on adding a call/response sound option via the app to assist users in locating the robot when it is nearby.

Can the robots go inside buildings?
No, the robots will meet you outside the building entrance.

If I open the lid, but cannot close it, what do I do.
Contact our Dining office or Starship support for assistance.

If I cannot open the lid or reach down to remove items from the robot, what are my options?
You can unlock the hatch using the app and ask for assistance from someone nearby with removing items.  If you are at or near a residence hall, residence hall front desk staff can assist with removing items from the robot.  Note: You should remain in possession of your mobile device.  A person assisting you does not need to have your mobile device as long as you are close enough to the robot to know that you are nearby.  For example, in a residence hall, you could go down to the front doors where you could activate the hatch and watch a residence hall staff go outside to retrieve the delivery from the robot for you.

Is the Starship Deliveries app accessible?
Changes have been made to both the iOS and Android apps to improve their accessibility, including when used with screen readers (Voiceover on iOS and Talkback on Android).  Starship continues to work on additional improvements and fixes to the apps.  If you encounter accessibility issues, when using the app and would like assistance with placing a delivery order, please contact our Dining office or Starship support.

What sound does the robot make?
The wheels/motor of the robots make a soft whirring sound when the robots are moving that helps locate them. They do not currently make any sound when they are waiting. Additionally, the robots may exchange greetings with you when they meet you or depart.

I use a white cane for navigation. If I encounter the robot, what will happen?
If the robot detects that it is traveling towards you and you are using a cane, it will change its path to go around you.  Otherwise, it will detect that you are there, stop, and wait for you to pass before proceeding.

How do guide dogs react to the robots?
In a study conducted by Starship, the guide dogs reacted calmly and generally stopped as the robots approached.


Download the Grubhub App

Save time and skip the lines by ordering ahead through GrubHub and pick up your food at the closest University Housing dining location. Order during normal operating hours, and we’ll notify you when your food is ready for pick-up. Then you can pick it up from the Grubhub pick-up area at that location, confirm your order, and be on your way!

How it Works

There will be an outside pick-up location at all dining facilities between the hours of 11am-2pm and 5-7pm. Gordon Dining & Event Center will also have a pick-up window available in the market.

All University Housing dining markets across campus are available, as well as our Bean & Creamery locations. Students and staff can use their Wiscard for payment and receive a 30% discount on their food. A small $0.59 service fee* is charged for each GrubHub order.

Step 1 – Get the App

Download the Grubhub app (iOS and Android) on your phone

Step 2 – Set up Account

Go to Settings > Campus Dining, and select your university affiliation (as either as a student or staff member). Add your Wiscard so that you can use it for on-campus ordering and to receive any available discounts.

Step 3 – Order and Enjoy

Browse all of the on-campus and off-campus restaurants Grubhub Campus Dining has to offer. Place you order and pick it up from the selected location.

*Prices subject to change