Chef’s Table: Cruising the Caribbean with Chef Ken

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Bakke - Wolf Teaching Kitchen
@ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Come see University Housing Chef Ken in action as he takes you sailing through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean with the flavorful and authentic Caribbean Cuisine. Enjoy a delicious, multiple-course meal while Chef Ken showcases techniques, shares stories about recipes, and makes it an evening to remember. This meal is a must for foodies and lovers of gourmet cuisine alike!

Get to know Chef Ken:
“I have been working in kitchens since the day I turned 15 years old, so 38 years now! And I have worked in Dining for the past five years. I began cooking out of necessity and realized cooking is an opportunity to be creative and try new things – sometimes out of lack of ingredients and sometimes just to try! I have always enjoyed food from the Caribbean from the variety and the freshness to the bright colors.”

Take the cruise!

Cruising the Caribbean with Chef Ken