Chef’s Table: Japanese Cuisine with Chef Colin and Chef Kevin

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Bakke - Wolf Teaching Kitchen
@ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Come see University Housing Chefs Colin and Kevin in action as they take you through the flavor and aesthetics of Japanese Cuisine. Enjoy a delicious, multiple-course meal while Chefs Colin and Kevin showcases techniques, shares stories about recipes, and makes it an evening to remember. This meal is a must for foodies and lovers of gourmet cuisine alike!

Get to know Chef Colin:
“I’ve been a chef for about a decade and with Housing Dining for about three years. Food has always been a huge source of joy for me, so becoming a chef was a fairly obvious direction for me to go. Mastering a new recipe is extremely satisfying and taking that understanding further, finding new ways to experiment with food is an exciting process. Eating it is also a big perk, as well as sharing the fruit of your labor with others! My first exposure with haute cuisine as a child was watching the original ‘Iron Chef’ with my dad. It had production values, cuisine, and camp unlike any other culinary programming I’d see going forward in life. The Iron Chefs would integrate their knowledge of Japanese cuisine fundamentals into those of other cultures, creating innovative dishes that put a sparkle in the eye of even the most jaded food critic. As a person always on the hunt for a flavor or texture I have yet to experience, exploring the cuisine of Japan has provided an abundance of entertainment that I look to incorporate authentically into my repertoire.”

Get to know Chef Kevin:
“I have been with Housing Dining for 19 years and have been the Unit Chef at Liz’s Market since 2013. I chose to become a chef because cooking was something I love to do. One day, I was listening to a program on the radio and the speaker said, ‘the secret to job satisfaction is to find a job doing what you love to do, and you will never have to work another day in your life.’ Shortly after, I signed up to go to Culinary School and never looked back. I graduated in 2003 and started working for Housing in 2004 and loved every minute of it. My favorite part about cooking is the satisfaction of creating something special and the joy it brings the customers when it is done right and seeing the excitement and joy the food brings them. It is like creating magic in the moment and then it is over, and you get to do it over and over every time you cook. I chose to participate with Chef Colin because he has that passion about his cooking and is inspired about this cuisine and I wanted to let him share this with the students that participate in this event.”

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Chef's Table Japanese Cuisine