Gospel Afrobeat Dance MEdicine

This event has passed.

University Apartments Community Center - Large Gymnasium
@ 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Gospel Afrobeat dance MEdicine (GAME) is a culturally responsive and tailored program developed by the CRoME lab at UW-Madison School of Pharmacy whose goal is to improve youth and family health. This program is rooted in theory and designed to cater to families, specifically targeting immigrant children and their families. The goal is for families to participate in 60-minute sessions one or more times a week to improve their physical activity and mental health while fostering social connection. In addition to the Eagle Heights classes (which take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays), weekly classes are being held at Bayview Community Center, Life Center, and Westside Community Center (Sun Prairie). Two trained, race-concordant instructors are leading each class. Within this safe and inclusive environment, participants can expect to enhance their mental well-being, sleep quality, physical fitness, and cultural connection through the joyful practice of Afrobeat dance. So far, Participants from all our current locations have shared positive feedback and are looking forward to future classes. This program has the potential to serve as an avenue for graduate students and their families to improve their well-being.

GAME is a dance fitness class focused on improving physical activity and mental well-being for families. There is no sermon or religious service during sessions. Everyone is welcome irrespective of religious affiliation or views. Gospel Afrobeat music stands for Good news (Clean) and Family-friendly Afrobeat music. Gospel Afrobeat music will be used during this dance fitness sessions.  Participants are welcome to bring their own music to share in the course.