Employment in University Housing

We are a Division of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and are a self-funded, multi-faceted organization. Employing more than 400 full-time staff and about 2,000 student employees throughout the year, our division has a long tradition of providing quality housing options to over 7,400 undergraduate students, 3,000 graduate students and their families and 14,000 summer conference guests.

Student Job Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Expansive Operation

The expansiveness of the University Housing operation means that we have needs for a diverse set of job skills. Whether you’re interested in being an accountant, a child-care provider, a Residence Life staff member, a chef, a custodian or many other focuses, we have a department that might be right for you.

Many Departments, One Mission

We all unite under one mission statement and seven core values. If you would enjoy working on campus and impacting thousands of students everyday, University Housing could be a good fit for you.

Diversity Statement

Our Diversity Statement is a public declaration we are proud to live up to.

Each individual brings uniqueness to our community. All are valued for who they are and their skills and contributions. We actively seek this diversity and work hard at helping all staff and all residents feel they are affirmed members of the community. By working together, we can create and maintain a work and living environment in which no individual is advantaged or disadvantaged for being different and where everyone has the opportunity to develop their potential and contribute fully to their community. We know our residents and staff will thrive as a result.