Class section in Smith Residence Hall


UW-Madison is a big school and can be a little intimidating at first. Taking a class in a residence hall can be a great way to meet other students and gain a greater sense of community on campus. Compared to students enrolled in the same traditional classes, students in residence hall class sections have found that they interacted and studied more with classmates outside of class and even developed closer friendships with classmates.

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Fall 2021 Learning Community Seminar Enrollment

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Fall 2021 Learning Community Seminar Information

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"I think the sense of community in the residence halls is really important for [students'] academic success. The University of Wisconsin is a big school and I think it can be intimidating a lot of times, especially for first-year students, so it's really nice to have the core group of people who you live with and have one or two or three classes in common."

Kate Vieira, English 100-Freshman Composition Instructor