Students in a class section at Dejope Hall with Bucky


Learning Community Classes

Each learning community offers a for-credit seminar only available to residents in that community. The seminar is related to the topic that the community focuses on, so participating in the seminar is a great way to learn more while taking a class with friends you’ve made.

Participation Level

Each learning community has different expectations. All encourage you to participate so you can make the most of your experience. Regardless of which type of participation level is asked of you, seminars are a great way to become more involved with your learning community. They introduce you to your neighbors, facilitate conversations on the topic area, and are an easy and rewarding way to earn academic credit.

Spring 2023 Additional Information

The links below include additional information about learning & affinity community classes/seminars.

Spring 2023 Enrollment

Use the links below in MyUW Course Search & Enroll to register for learning or affinity community classes/seminars.

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"I think the sense of community in the residence halls is really important for students' academic success. The University of Wisconsin is a big school and I think it can be intimidating a lot of times, especially for first-year students, so it's really nice to have the core group of people who you live with and have one or two or three classes in common."

Kate V, English 100-Freshman Composition Instructor