Tripp Residence Hall's exterior during winter

Transfer House

Transfer House will not be available starting in the 2023-24 academic year.

Tripp Residence Hall | 21 residents
Coed by floor | Single rooms and some large double rooms with shared closets

Tripp Residence Hall welcomes transfer students into a community specifically designated for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are new to UW–Madison but not to college.

The community provides strong support for students who are seeking social connections and academic resources suitable for non-freshmen. It was founded based on feedback from transfer students who were concerned with things like meeting other students who have not yet found their friend “circle,” adjusting to new class sizes and instruction methods, and becoming knowledgeable about necessary resources around campus.

You’ll find programming within Transfer House designed specifically for students who are both new to the UW–Madison campus, and farther along in their college career, with topics like:

  • All About Madison
  • Getting Around Madison
  • Resume Workshop
  • Job/Internship Searching Strategies

The Transfer House is comprised of part of Tripp Residence Hall, with a total of 21 residents.

During your transition to UW–Madison, the staff will work to help you meet your academic and social needs.

The House Fellows in this community and the rest of the residence life staff are there to serve as a trained resource to help you develop your community of friends and colleagues.

Live with students like yourself—new to Madison but not to college. Start here—we’re waiting for you!

Benefits of Transfer House

Surveys of UW–Madison transfer students have found that Transfer House residents were more likely than students living in regular housing or off campus to:

  • Participate in student organization events
  • Participate in student groups or sessions outside of class
  • Feel that the university provided the support that they needed to succeed academically
  • Find it easier to make friends on campus who support and understand them as transfer students

How to Join

Transfer students are offered a contract for the University Residence Halls using the information provided to UW-Madison’s Office of Admissions & Recruitment as long as space remains available. If you are interested in living in University Housing please email our office for more information at after you are admitted to UW-Madison.

Other Options for Transfers

If you don’t think Transfer House is right for you, there may be other options for transfer students within University Residence Halls, if space is available. Learn about the other choices and benefits of living on-campus as a transfer.

I didn’t know anyone when I came to UW-Madison. Transfer house helped me make friends through floor events and dinners. It’s a great place for all transfer students to live.

CHRISTINE TUINEGNA, Transfer House Resident