Students pose for a photo while bowling at Union South

Affinity Housing

Essence – Black Affinity Living Experience

Our goal is to provide a living experience that is focused on supporting students who self-identify within the Black diaspora. This space is being offered based on direct requests/feedback and in partnership with our students of color. We have heard from residents that sometimes their residential living experiences do not feel safe. Essence allows for students to feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. Essence is about developing the essence of who you are and not be defined only by the construct of race.

Community Goals

  • A place where students can be their authentic selves
  • Connect students through shared experiences
  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Uplifting and centering the voices of Black identifying students
  • Build sense of community with Black and African American students
  • Connect residents to campus resources and leadership opportunities

Student Founders

Elijah Holmes – Add a bio or photo

Israel Oby – Add bio or photo