University of Wisconsin–Madison
Residents signing up for rooms in Dejope with Bucky


No Required Dining Deposit for Returning Residents

All new residents for the 2018-19 Academic Year will be asked to select a meal plan tier for food purchases for the year, based on their eating habits. This meal plan does not apply to 2018-19 returning residents. See our rates page for more information about rates and Dining costs for 2018-19 returning residents.

Why Return in 2018-19?

Each year, many students choose to return to University Residence Halls. It’s easy to see why:


Create your ideal experience for next year by choosing your residence hall, your room, and the friends who surround you. You can choose a double room in a newer cluster-style building, a private single room, a lakefront view, a room with a bathroom, a predominantly returner hall like OggDavis, or whatever fits your style.


Rally a group of your friends to take over a cluster of rooms together, and create your own space for the next year of your UW experience. Returning residents interested in living in a group of 5 or more people can submit a group request in October.


Build your future by taking advantage of special events and resources for returners geared towards landing an internship, developing your resume, finding a career path, polishing interview skills, and more!

Enhance your language skills! The International Learning Community offers ten language houses which allow for a language immersion opportunity as well as exploration of cultures.

In addition to the above mentioned learning community options, you also have the option to join any of our popular Residential Learning Communities.


Friends change, especially during your freshman year, and your choice of roommate might change, too. Unlike an apartment lease, we can help you switch halls, rooms, or roommates later if needed. And if you or your roommate decide to study abroad for a semester, you won’t need to worry about the cost of finding someone to sublet your space.


Live close to classes, work, and food, with quick and easy access to UW activities, workout facilities, health services, and more.


Enjoy delicious food prepared for you in our dining markets, just feet from your door or next to your class, at discounted resident prices. Take advantage of made-to-order choices, healthy options, carry-out, and delivery service, all without the hassle of cooking and cleanup.


University Residence Halls offer convenient services and amenities right where you live, including cleaning and maintenance, on-site laundry, helpful desk staff, 24-hour security systemsHDTV cable, and high-speed wireless Internet, all so you have more time to focus on the things that matter.


Make a lasting impact on campus by taking advantage of leadership opportunities for returning residents in University Housing. By serving as a House Fellow, student supervisor, Badger Buddy, intern, or peer mentor, you can jumpstart your future career and create your legacy.


Students who live in University Residence Halls earn better grades and graduate sooner than those who live off-campus, thanks to academic resources and support right where you live.


You’ll never get another chance to live in the full UW experience among your fellow Badgers. Make the most of your college life and the opportunities right at your doorstep in University Residence Halls.

What’s New for 2018-19

Want to start new programs, traditions, or enjoy a brand new spaces in renovated facilities? The only way is to return to the University Residence Halls.

  • Ogg Residence Hall will be home to a temporary Rec Sports exercise facility on the first floor while the Southeast Recreational Facility (SERF) is closed for renovations.
  • Witte Residence Hall will receive new elevators, air conditioned resident rooms, windows, lounges, and improved classroom, kitchen, and studying spaces as part of a two-year renovation that will be complete in August 2019. Portions of the renovation will also be complete in 2018-19.