University of Wisconsin–Madison

Best Room Contest

Photo of the winning room in the 2018 Best Room Contest
The grand prize-winning room in the 2018 Best Room Contest, located in Ogg Residence Hall.

Congratulations to our 2018 Best Room Contest finalists, listed below, and especially to our grand prize winners, Carley Kuske and Abby Treml from Ogg! Carley and Abby will each receive a $200 deposit on their Wiscard, and each of our finalists will receive a free pizza party. Thank you to everyone who entered!

To view photos of all 19 finalists, visit our 2018 Best Room Contest photo album on Facebook.

2018 Finalists

Zhe Feng from Adams
Sabrina Friedman from Barnard
Nathan Buhr and Mark Hutson from Bradley
Toni Houston and Claire Hall from Cole
Trinity Fandre and Jessica Kuzniewski from Chadbourne
Rachel Balestrieri from Davis
Shane Brady and Michael Hall from Dejope
Joyce Dong and Mulu Belete from Kronshage
Tierney Hall and Carlee Olsen from Leopold
Tristan Persson and Amanda Wright from Merit
Carley Kuske and Abby Treml from Ogg
Lauren Dirnberger and Emily Woodzicka from Phillips
Adelaide Schmitt and Emily Martin from Sellery
Taylor McHone and Isabel Winter from Slichter
Kelly Gorman from Smith
Madeline Langenstroer and Molly O’Boyle from Sullivan
Ashlin Caelwaerts from Tripp
Charles Weir and Karm Nagi from Witte
Kailey Olson and Taylor Treadway from Waters