COVID-19 tests

COVID-19 Testing

All residents living in the University Residence Halls are required to be tested for COVID-19 every 72 hours. Some residents will be required to test more frequently if their residence hall experiences positive cases. Residents can use the Safer Badgers app to check wait times and visit the test site that works best for them. The app will tell students when they need to complete their next test in order to stay in compliance. For the spring semester, you will not be assigned to specific testing days.

This requirement is part of our Student Housing Handbook that all residents must abide by. If students do not comply with testing or other policies, other than certain approved exceptions*, they can receive disciplinary action or even be removed from the residence halls. Noncompliance will also affect a student’s access to campus buildings through the Badger Badge in the app.

Testing Instructions

For details on testing locations, preparing for your test, what to expect, and getting test results, visit the Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing page.

Residents should primarily get tested at one of the Housing testing sites (Holt Center or Ogg Residence Hall) when possible. Other campus testing sites can be used at night or on weekends if needed.

Housing testing sites (Holt and Ogg) will continue to use the nasal swab testing method. Please note that testing preparation instructions in the Safer Badgers app are written for the saliva testing method used at other campus sites. For the nasal swab testing at Housing sites, it is not necessary to avoid eating, drinking, or smoking before your test.

Missed Tests

Residents who do not stay current with required testing will receive follow-up from Residence Life staff and can face disciplinary action, including removal from Housing. Most Housing dining markets will be monitored for access through the Safer Badgers app.

If you have already or plan to leave your residence hall for a period of three days or longer and will be unable to be tested during that time, log in to My UW Housing and click the link under “Temporary Vacate Room” so that we can temporarily remove you from communications to residents who are staying.

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After Receiving Your Results

  • Negative: continue to get tested every 72 hours using the Safer Badgers app (some residents will be required to test more frequently if their residence hall experiences positive cases)
  • Positive: you will be required to move to isolation housing on campus
      • You will receive an email and a follow-up call from staff with details on your isolation accommodations — staff can also help answer any questions you have
      • Bring supplies you’ll need for at least the next 10 days

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*Students Who Previously Tested Positive

If you tested positive for COVID-19 and have recovered, you may be exempt from quarantine, isolation, or future testing for 90 days after your positive test. Prior positive on-campus test results are being imported into the Safer Badgers app and will be viewable by January 25. If you have a prior positive test from off-campus, you can upload it via the app.

Students will not be exempted from isolation or future testing based solely on a self-report of a positive test or COVID-19 illness. It is common to continue to test positive for a period of time after recovering from COVID-19, so submit documentation as soon as possible to assure that your proof of a prior positive result has been reviewed.

If you test positive and your prior result has not been submitted and reviewed, you will be required to go to isolation until your results are received and reviewed.

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