Media Center in Dejope Residence Hall

Media Centers


Media Centers are located in several residence halls and University Housing buildings to provide printing and computing resources to residents.

All Media Centers offer black and white printing. Chadbourne, Dejope, Kronshage, Ogg, Sellery, and Witte also have color printing. All printing must be paid for in the Media Center with a Wiscard or GoPrint account. Black and white copies are $0.07 per page, and color copies are $0.60 per page.

  • Note: summer B&W printing is free and residential Housing guests do not need a Wiscard or GoPrint account.

Media Centers offer wireless printing as an easy way for students to print to Media Center printers from their laptops and computers. Residents must be connected to UWNet (wired or wireless) for printing to work. Learn how to print wirelessly:


  • Carson Gulley Center (lobby)
  • Chadbourne Residence Hall (Room B22)
  • Dejope Residence Hall (Rm 1118)
  • Kronshage Residence Hall (Conover House, Rm B110)
  • Ogg Residence Hall (Rm 1226)
  • Phillips Residence Hall (lobby)
  • Sellery Residence Hall (TBD)
  • Waters Residence Hall (Rm 3413)
  • Witte Residence Hall (Rm B19)


If you have feedback about the Media Centers, need assistance, or want to report a problem at one of the locations, please use our University Housing contact form. (Select “Residence Halls” > “Media Centers” for the category.)