TLC in Dejope Residence Hall

Technology Learning Centers

Due to COVID-19, the use of our Technology Learning Center (TLC) facilities in fall 2020 will be limited to printing or appropriately physically distant studying. To help keep residents safe, limit touchpoints, and reduce the spread of germs, all workstations except printing stations have been removed, and equipment checkout is not being offered. Thank you for your understanding.

Technology Learning Centers (TLCs) are nine computer labs and four mini-labs conveniently placed in various residence halls on campus. TLCs offer computer workstations, printing, and equipment checkout for residents.

  • Note: Workstations and equipment checkout are not available during fall 2020 due to COVID-19.

Take advantage of 24/7 access to our technology-rich study spaces that are great places to work on group projects or to use specialty resources for individual work. UWNet wireless connections are available in the TLCs and other public areas.

If this is your first time in the center, please look over our lab policies below.

TLC Locations


TLCs are accessible 24 hours a day by residents using their Wiscard. Note: Summer access is with residential e-keys.

TLC Locations

  1. Barnard Residence Hall, first floor lounge (mini-lab)
  2. Chadbourne Residence Hall, Room B22
  3. Davis Residence Hall, first floor lounge (mini-lab)
  4. Dejope Residence Hall, Room 1112
  5. Kronshage Residence Hall, Conover Basement
  6. Merit Residence Hall, first floor lounge (mini-lab)
  7. Ogg Residence Hall, Room 1226
  8. Phillips Residence Hall, Room 214
  9. Sellery Residence Hall, Room 12
  10. Smith Residence Hall, Room 1202
  11. Tripp/Adams Residence Halls, Tripp Gatehouse (mini-lab)
  12. Waters Residence Hall, Room 3413
  13. Witte Residence Hall, Room 101

Phone calls may be directed to the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-4357.


All TLCs offer black and white printing. Chadbourne, Dejope, Kronshage, Ogg, Sellery, and Witte also have color printing. All printing must be paid for in the TLC with a Wiscard or GoPrint account. Black and white copies are $0.07 per page, and color copies are $0.60 per page.

  • Note: summer B&W printing is free and residential Housing guests do not need a Wiscard or GoPrint account.

TLCs offer wireless printing as an easy way for students to print to TLC printers from their laptops and computers. Residents must be connected to UWNet (wired or wireless) for printing to work. Learn how to print wirelessly:


All centers contain computers running Windows and computers running Mac OS. Available software includes the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite. Specific information and numbers for each center are available at the InfoLabs website. Additionally, all centers offer black and white printing along with scanning. Chadbourne, Dejope, Kronshage, Ogg, Sellery, and Witte also have color printing. Residents may also check out laptops, digital cameras, and projectors free from the Hall Desks where the TLCs are located.

  • Note: Workstations and equipment checkout are not available during fall 2020 due to COVID-19.

Equipment Checkout

Equipment checkout is for three days and is done on a first come first serve basis. You must be a University Housing resident to check out equipment, and can only check out equipment from your hall desk. Two forms of Photo ID are required to check out equipment.

You can find a live equipment availability map on the InfoLabs website. Visit our hall desks page for hours.

Late Fees

Make sure to return equipment on time, as there is a late fee of $20 charged each day that the equipment is overdue. Late fees can be paid on the InfoLabs website.

Equipment Available for Checkout

Digital Cameras

All TLCs have digital cameras for checkout. They include memory cards and batteries, and a USB for downloading pictures to a computer.


All TLCs have Apple laptops running both Windows and Mac OS X. Software on these machines includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, web browsers, and CD burning utilities.


All TLCs have Viewsonic, Panasonic, or Casio projectors available for checkout with VGA (computer) cable and power cable.


Entrance to the TLCs

You must be a resident, conference guest, or employee of University Housing to use a Technology Learning Center.

Noise Level

The Technology Learning Centers are quiet study areas, so please keep noise to a minimum. Silence your cell phone, and take all phone calls outside.

Food and Drink

Food and Beverages are allowed in the TLC centers. However, please be careful with the location of your food in relation to the computer equipment, and throw away all garbage in the proper receptacles.

Temporary Storage

Temporary file storage is available on the network Public Storage (Windows 7 only), which can be accessed by all TLC computers. The public storage drive and computer desktops are cleared weekly. Recommended storage should be to “external drives” such as USB thumb-drives.


Printers may be accessed by any computer in the lab. All printing must be paid for with your Wiscard. All printing charges are handled through the campus Pay for Print Management System (GoPrint). Use your Wiscard Campus Cash or Housing account to pay for printing.

Black and white copies are $0.07 a page, and color copies are $0.60 a page.

If you ever need to request a refund on printing due to a problem, submit a printing refund request with DoIT.

Appropriate Computer Use

Computers are available on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority to those using the machines for academic purposes.

Public display of materials demeaning to persons of a particular gender, race, creed, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation is harassment subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Students Office and expulsion from the TLC. Pornography is also strictly prohibited.

TLC computers must be used in accordance with the standards set in the UW-Madison Network Usage Policy.


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