Changing Your Room 

A resident room in Chadbourne Residence Hall

So, you've found yourself wanting to change rooms? Our room change process will begin on the first day of classes for the fall term, Wednesday, September 6th. While all of the processes require that you consult with a House Fellow or the Assignment Office, we will provide an overview of some of the options available to you as a resident of University Housing.

Room Change

A room change involves moving from your current room assignment to a vacant space in a new room. This process requires there to be at least one vacant space in the room you intend to move (or change) to. The room change process begins on the first day of classes. To be a part of the room change process, you can submit a room change request form to the Assignment Office.

Room Swap

A room swap involves wanting to change rooms with a specific person on your floor or in your hall. This process does not require there to be a vacant space in the room you intend to move to, however both residents involved in the swap need to be in agreement. The room swap process involves the assistance of your House Fellow and Residence Life Coordinator.

Double to Single

A double to single is an offer to turn your double room into a single room in the event that your roommate moves out of your room. It is important to note that there is a fee associated with this process, and also that it is not always an option depending on the time of year that your roommate moves.