Roommate Requests

Roommates play a piano keyboard together in their room

Listing Another Student as Your Preferred Roommate

In My UW Housing, you and your preferred roommate (requests need to be mutual) should:

  • Enter your preferred roommate's name and 5-letter passcode.
  • Coordinate your hall preferences so that you and your preferred roommate list your learning community and residence hall choices in the exact same order.

Roommate Searching Resource

Students can search for potential roommates using RoomSync, a Facebook application. Once a student has electronically signed their housing contract in My UW Housing and submitted their deposit, they will be given a 5-letter passcode. Access to RoomSync will become available on March 15th in the Roommate tab. Students will complete a brief lifestyle questionnaire and then be able to search among other Badgers with common interests and activities based on a student's Facebook profile. If a student finds a roommate match, they should be certain to return to My UW Housing to request one another as instructed above.

  • Learn more about getting your roommate relationship off to a good start! Visit our Roommate Relationships page.