Learning Community Seminars & Classes

Learning Community Seminar

Enrolling in a learning community seminar is a great way to become more involved with your learning community. Every learning community offers a seminar that only residents in that community are able to take. The seminar is related to the topic that the learning community focuses on, so participating in the seminar is a great way to learn more about that topic, while taking a class with friends you've made in your learning community. Through their association with learning communities, students easily connect with faculty, the university, and community leaders.

Class Sections

To view class sections and courses reserved specifically for your residence hall or learning community, visit our Residence Hall Class Sections page.

Participation Level

Each learning community has different expectations. All encourage that you participate in the seminars that are offered so that you can make the most of your experience of being a member of that learning community. Regardless of which type of participation level is asked of you, learning community seminars are a great way to become more involved with your learning community. They introduce you to your neighbors, facilitate conversations on the topic area, and are an easy and rewarding way to earn academic credit within your residence hall.