Chadbourne Residential College (CRC)

Chadbourne Residential College Peer Advisors and Staff

Chadbourne Residence Hall & Barnard Residence Hall | 719 residents (doubles and singles; coed by wing and floor, respectively)
Sponsored by the College of Letters and Science | $300 learning community fee

Being a student on a campus as large as UW-Madison’s can be an overwhelming experience. With so many student organizations and other means of getting involved available to students, it can be difficult to decide what activities to participate in. Getting involved with the Chadbourne Residential College (CRC) can be a great alternative! This community presents you with endless opportunities to grow as a student and leader. The CRC can provide you with in-house academic resources and class sections, events featuring prominent speakers and discussions, as well as invitations to conferences and forums that will allow you to become further engaged in the community setting.

CRC is an outstanding platform that will help you develop your potential through interpersonal connections and academic and extracurricular engagement. CRC blends academics with residential hall life. You will learn as much from fellow residents as from formal academics, so we strive to offer the benefits of a small liberal arts college within our world-class research university. In fact, the CRC is committed to empowering its students to become liberally educated leaders and citizens.

Program Goals:

  • Give first-year students fun and intellectually engaging opportunities to get to know sophomore, juniors, seniors, faculty, staff, and community partners
  • Offer small courses and course sections in a variety of subject matters for residents to take
  • Have fun and learn from each other, faculty, and staff during events in- and outside of the learning community


Contact: Steven Wong (Assistant Director)