ERLC Programs

ERLC Programs

Seminar Info

ERLC residents have the opportunity to enroll in a cutting-edge, three-credit course on entrepreneurship, MHR 236-365 (Sec. 1): Entrepreneurship in Business, the Arts and Nonprofits. This course is designed specifically for ERLC residents, and will help them gain conceptual frameworks, as a world citizen, for exploring entrepreneurship in society. Students will also gain practical tools for being entrepreneurial in managing and shaping your career. Coursework will allow students to practice creating and recognizing opportunities, enlisting others, finding funds, and pursuing vision. Because this course offers insight into entrepreneurial careers in business, arts, science, engineering, and law, residents will also be able to meet top-ranked UW professors in similar fields to discuss their work and successes.

Programs and Activities

The 100-Hour Challenge is one of the most popular community highlights of the year. This contest challenges the inventiveness, resourcefulness and creativity of students, as they are required to create and pitch a valuable, innovative or socially beneficial product or service using materials from UW SWAP (Surplus with a Purpose)…all in only 100 hour’s time. All participants must upload either a digital photo or video of their invention that the public can access for judging purposes. Check out some of the video submissions from last year. 

In addition to this contest, the ERLC also offers many other ways for residents to get involved by offering monthly dinners with area entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing a forum for making connections and learning from others willing to share their experiences and guidance. Some of these dinners have even spawned entrepreneurial ideas for residents that have led to using funds allocated within the ERLC to assist students in creating their own business ventures.


Within each learning community, the seminar is a key part of the resident experience. In addition to the seminar, we strongly encourage residents to take advantage of the many other unique activities and events offered. You can participate in as many or as few programs as you would like, but the more active you are, the more opportunities you will find.