ILC Language Houses

Within the ILC, clusters of rooms are devoted to language immersion. We offer you the opportunity to be part of a program in German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Nordic (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), or Chinese languages. These language programs offer intense experiences in the culture associated with the language, whereby you can practice your language skills with native speakers and other students like you. A graduate student works with residents of the floor to assist with language skills and programming. Residents in language houses eat meals together each week and participate in additional activities sponsored through the Language department. If you want to participate in one of the nine ILC language floors, you need to fill out an application in addition to ranking the ILC as your top choice (when you receive your housing contract).

Apply to a Language House

A Nossa Casa: Portuguese House

4th Floor of Tarrant in Adams Hall

If you are interested in improving your language skills and attaining a deeper cultural understanding of the 8 countries where Portuguese is spoken, then A Nossa Casa is the home for you. You will savor a true symphony of flavors from Portuguese, Brazilian and African cuisine and enjoy cultural film nights in an immersion setting where you have plenty of opportunities to improve your spoken Portuguese.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Faculty Director: Luis Madureira

Baytunaa: Arabic House

4th Floor of Faville in Adams Hall

Live the Arabic immersion experience with a native speaker, and learn about Arabs and their cultures. The Arabic House is a great opportunity to learn and improve your Arabic skills, and is a door to meet and interact with the Arabic community in Madison. You live with students who share similar interests in the Arabic language and culture.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: African Languages & Literature Department

Faculty Director: Mustafa Mustafa

Nihongo Hausu: Japanese House

3rd Floors of Ochsner & Tarrant in Adams Hall

The Japanese-language floor is an enthusiastic group who speak Japanese together, cook Japanese food, watch Japanese movies, and experiment with "living in Japanese" here in Madison. Living in Nihongo Hausu is a great way to get better at spoken Japanese and is an opportunity to live with people who share an interest in Japan.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of East Asian Languages & Literature

Faculty Director: Steve Ridgely

Residencia de Estudiantes: Spanish House

4th Floors of Noyes, Siebecker & La Follette in Adams Hall

If you are interested in improving your Spanish listening, comprehension, and conversation this is the place for you. We offer you the opportunity to improve your Spanish skills in a safe and fun environment where you will live and interact with people that actually want to learn the language. Activities include cooking nights, cultural nights, or movie nights etc.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Faculty Director: Rajiv Rao

Русский дом (Russkii Dom): Russian House

4th Floor of Ochsner in Adams Hall

Русский дом (Ruskii Dom) is a language floor in the ILC for students with an interest in Russian language and culture. Residents gather at meals, cook Russian food, go to concerts of Russian music, visit the local Russian food store, watch Russian films, and chat in the hallways about daily life. Students of all levels of Russian are welcome.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of Slavic Languages & Literature, The Russian Flagship Program

Faculty Director: Snezhana Zheltoukhova

Norden House: Nordic House

3rd Floors of Faville & Richardson in Adams Hall

Norden House is a residential language immersion program for UW students studying Norwegian, Danish or Swedish. Norden also involves a one-credit seminar that allows students to explore different facets of Scandinavian society. Throughout the year Norden residents also take trips to some of the many rich northern European heritage sites located throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states, exposing students to the folk traditions of Scandinavia.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of Scandinavian Studies

Faculty Director: Scott Mellor

Piazza Italia: Italian House

4th Floor of Richardson in Adams Hall

Piazza Italia is a way to bring the culture and language of Italy into your residence hall life. Enjoy learning how to cook regional cuisine, Italian film nights and group activities around campus, all while speaking Italian. Improve your language skills and learn more about Italian culture. Come experience la dolce vita with us.

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of French & Italian

Faculty Director: Kristin Phillips-Court

Stockwerk Deutsch: German House

3rd Floors of Faville & Winslow in Adams Hall

Stockwerk Deutsch, the oldest language floor in the ILC, is a community of students who have an interest in the German language and its many cultures. Residents are referred to as "Stockies." They cook and eat meals, and travel to interesting German sites. Students of all levels of German are welcome to apply to become "Stockies" themselves. Herzlich Willkommen!

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of German

Faculty Director: Sonja Klocke

中文天地 (Zhongwen Tiandi): Chinese House

3rd Floors of Noyes, Siebecker & La Follette in Adams Hall

Tiandi (literally "Chinese heaven-and-earth") is the newest language floor in the International Learning Community. This is a community of students devoted to learning Chinese language and culture and sharing them with the campus, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond. With the support of a Graduate Language Program Coordinator, Chinese language learners of all levels, including native speakers, will share in meals, cultural activities, film screenings, and casual conversation. We are accepting our first group of residents in fall 2015. 欢迎光临中文天地!

UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Department of East Asian Languages & Literature

Faculty Director: Rania Huntington