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Seminar Info

ILC residents are able to take a one-credit, non-graded seminar that brings a faculty fellow and students together for one hour twice per month to explore and discuss a wide variety of international and cultural topics. These discussions take place in either the target language of their Language House (if they are a part of one) or in English. In many cases, faculty and students work together to plan discussions and activities for the roundtable course. Previous discussions have been centered on films, religion, current affairs, dialects, art, and contemporary issues.

ILC Seminar Flyer

Programs and Activities

Cultural exploration is a theme of many programs and events held in the ILC. A special component of the ILC seminar is the roundtable dinners, which occur twice each month. Residents come together as a community and take part in these dinners, where speakers, experts, and scholars are invited to give a presentation on their area of expertise. To accompany this presentation, a meal is especially prepared to match the country or region discussed.

Field trips, cooking nights and foreign film viewings are other popular events that happen throughout the ILC and Language Houses. These programs give residents a chance to explore cultures outside of their course of study, while also being able to meet even more of their neighbors in the process.


Within each learning community, the seminar is a key part of the resident experience. In addition to the seminar, we strongly encourage residents to take advantage of the many other unique activities and events offered. You can participate in as many or as few programs as you would like, but the more active you are, the more opportunities you will find.