Multicultural Learning Community (MLC)

MLC Members celebrate inclusivity with a cake that reads "You too are UW-Madison"

Witte Residence Hall | 54 residents (all double rooms; coed mixed floor)
Sponsored by the School of Education; Wisconsin School of Business | $200 learning community fee

On a large campus, MLC will be your home away from home. Through immersion into a community focused on giving you a safe and fun living space, MLC is designed to help you succeed as a Badger and beyond your college life. As a safe place, we not only listen to our community members, but we take seriously the ideas and requests offered by each one of our residents. Through group discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, social justice, and exploration of your identity, you’ll gain an expanded worldview. You’ll also learn how to talk about these issues and bring these conversations into the greater community. If you look around campus, you’ll see students leading major discussions about diversity and rights for all people. Many of these leaders started in the MLC.

You’ll be welcomed in MLC with a community dinner with parents and fellow MLCers followed by a week of welcome events aimed to create bonds between you, your floor mates, and faculty. Additional events in the community include a variety of service learning and volunteer opportunities, conversations with university and thought leaders, attending current movies and traveling to nearby cities (e.g., Chicago). All of these experiences will help you thoughtfully examine and understand critical current issues in our society. As an MLC resident, you’ll also receive individual attention with your writing and assignments in science, mathematics, and humanities classes. In addition, MLC students take a 3-credit seminar where they will work with and learn from one another and discuss current issues in social justice and diversity. Students also have multiple opportunities to apply their seminar, classroom, and community learning to issues and events both on and off the campus. Formed by students and supported by faculty and academic advisors, you’ll come away from your first year in MLC with a deep network of family and friends who will better insure your academic and life success.

Program Goals:

  • Create a safer space for a diverse group of students to come together, create a community and support one another in their academic and personal growth
  • Foster increased understandings of one’s own and others’ beliefs, ideas, identities, behaviors, and understandings of social issues
  • Facilitate all residents’ success on and off campus
  • Examine the dynamics of current power structures and how life experiences are shaped by factors at the individual, societal, institutional and structure levels
  •  Develop an understanding of social justice and the skills to become an engaged community member


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