WISE Programs

WISE members participate in team-building activities at the Ropes Course

Seminar Info

WISE residents have the opportunity to enroll in the one-credit seminar that consists of presentations by academics and professionals from local industry. Speakers will cover a wide range of research topics in engineering and the sciences as well as broader artistic, political, economic and environmental aspects of science and its impact on society. These hot topics in the STEM fields are discussed over a dinner that is provided during the seminar, which is taught by WISE Faculty Director Kristyn Masters. More information on this will be provided during the first meeting. The seminar also satisfies the CALS First-Year seminar requirement.

Programs and Activities

Discovery is at the core of every event and program that takes place in WISE. Residents take multiple trips throughout the year that give them the opportunity to learn more about science, get to know one another, and have fun while doing it all. One of these trips have taken them to the CAVE exhibit at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) where they were able to experience what it is like to walk through a galaxy. A trip to Washburn Observatory also allowed residents the opportunity to observe the universe through a 15.6-inch diameter telescope.

Another trip explores the science of chocolate during a visit to the Department of Food Science at Babcock Hall – and yes, many free samples are a part of this pretty sweet deal. Part of the presentation involves residents testing their skills with rolling and dipping different foods into chocolate from Babcock as well.

WISE participants with interests in engineering also enjoy trips to the UW Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory and the UW Center for Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology. These visits give residents a look into current projects centered on biomechanics, locomotion, and design. The experiences also help WISE residents gain insights how neuromuscular biomechanics could be related to athletic training, technology or animation movies.


Within each learning community, the seminar is a key part of the resident experience. In addition to the seminar, we strongly encourage residents to take advantage of the many other unique activities and events offered. You can participate in as many or as few programs as you would like, but the more active you are, the more opportunities you will find.