Residence Hall Services

A student staff member assists a guest at the a University Residence Hall desk

Convenience is key when you live in one of our residence halls. Not only are we the roof above your heads, but we also ensure that you have many other services available at your doorstep. We pride ourselves on providing you with the optimum living experience.

Hall Desks

Hall desks are more than just a place to securely pick up any packages or mail. It is also your one-stop shop for renting sports equipment, board games, kitchen supplies, the vacuum or a DVD from our extensive DVD library. All you need is your Wiscard, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Technology Learning Centers

Printers can take up a significant amount of space on your desk. Feel free to leave yours at home and take advantage of the printing services in Technology Learning Centers (TLCs) throughout our residence halls. Printing in these computer labs is convenient, because it's at a minimal cost to you, and our TLCs are open 24/7. If your laptop ever gets a virus, or you find that you don't have a certain computer program, feel free to use our computers as well.


It's frustrating when things don't work, and we totally understand that. If you ever find that something isn't quite working, don't hesitate to contact Maintenance by filling out a MARS (Maintenance and Repair Service) request. These can be filled out online 24/7, and we'll keep you updated on the progress of your request via email.


Without Internet, you wouldn't be able to check emails from professors, do online quizzes, or watch the occasional episode on Netflix. Because we know how important having Internet is, it's included in all of our residence halls. Wireless connections are available everywhere, but we recommend also bringing along an Ethernet cable for those times when you need the fastest, most reliable connection.


Whether you want to keep up with Wisconsin Athletics or The Kardashians, we've got you covered with HDTV cable service in all of our residence halls. All you need to do is remember to bring a coaxial cable and a television.


College is a time for many firsts. For some of you, it might also be the first time that you ever have to do your laundry on your own. This might be a nerve-wracking experience for some of you, but as long as you remember to sort your Badger reds and whites, our laundry tips and tricks will send you on your way -- without pink clothing.