University Residence Halls

University Residence Halls are more than just "dorms" or places to live. They are unique communities full of resources, support, convenient services, events, and thousands of fellow Badgers. They're an environment built for your success. We offer 19 residence halls, including 10 learning communities, spread across two distinct neighborhoods. And we offer some of the lowest on-campus housing rates in the Big Ten. Each year, over 90 percent of the freshman class chooses to live with us so that they can jumpstart their Wisconsin Experience, and many return for their sophomore year and beyond.

Each residence hall varies in terms of appearance and population. Our smallest residence hall is home to 30 residents, while our largest is home to 1,152 residents. Regardless of the size, your residence hall will consist of "houses." A "house" is simply a group of residents that live together, which could be a floor, wing, or entire building depending on the population. Your "house" also has a "house fellow," which is a live-in student staff member (similar to a resident advisor, or R.A.). House fellows plan fun events, offer advice and are always there to help you.

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