Julia Hill

Credentials: 1900 - 1965

The impact of Julia Lowth Hill’s life of service to education extends both to Waters Hall and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Before she was 20 years old, Hill became a schoolteacher in Columbus, Wisconsin. At 34 years old, she earned her degree in Home Economics from UW–Madison and shortly thereafter got a Masters in Science in 1936. She went on to become an Instructor in the Home Economics Department and was soon promoted to Assistant Professor in 1943. As both a professor and Head Resident of Elizabeth Waters Hall as of 1951, Hill had a reputation for exuding strength and enthusiasm and taking an interest in the holistic personal and professional development of her students and residents. In addition to organizing exchange dinners between Elizabeth Waters Hall and the men’s halls, Hill also arranged faculty-student teas to allow residents to connect with instructors outside of the classroom.