Robert Siebecker

Credentials: 1854 - 1922

Robert George Siebecker was born in Sumter and earned his Bachelor of Science in General Science and English, a law degree (1880) and an honorary doctorate (1922) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Siebecker was one of the best students in his class at the University of Wisconsin. He was an excellent orator and won distinction as a debator during his senior year. He was a member of Athenae and served as president of his class. Following his education, Siebecker practiced law in Madison for ten years and served as the corporation attorney for the City of Madison. He later was appointed Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit of Wisconsin and Associate Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Siebecker was an excellent trial judge and was instrumental in re-establishing the Wisconsin Code of Procedure, which made the administration of justice simpler and more efficient. He was well-read in English and German literature as well as in history, religion, philosophy, and economics. In 1895, Siebecker was appointed vice president of the Wisconsin Alumni Association. In 1920, Siebecker became Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court and remained in the position until his death in 1922.