BLC students in 1996

Meet the Staff

Meet the staff who worked to support the Bradley Learning Community in 2021.

2021 Professional Staff

Susan Brantly

Position title: BLC Faculty Director, Professor of Scandinavian Studies

2021 Faculty Fellows

Paul Hooker

Position title: Faculty Fellow of Chemistry

Scott Mellor

Position title: Faculty Director of Nordic House (ILC)
Faculty Fellow of Scandinavian Studies (BLC)

Lynne Prost

Position title: Faculty Fellow of Biochemistry

I loved living in Bradley last year. I met most of my friends by going to different events that Bradley staff hosted. One event that sticks out to me, in particular, is the walk your classes event that was hosted by a PM. Even though this wasn’t the most exciting event that I participated in last year, it was still memorable because I met my friend group by going to this event. I liked this event because it was held before the first week of school so, I didn’t have a lot of work, it gave me a chance to explore campus and learn cool shortcuts, and it also provided a low-pressure environment to meet people.

Kathryn T., Peer Mentor and former resident