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Accommodation Requests

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Division of University Housing are committed to providing equitable opportunities to higher education and programs for academically qualified students without regard to disability.

The McBurney Disability Resource Center evaluates student eligibility for disability-related services and accommodations, determines reasonable accommodations, develops individualized service plans, and provides advocacy, guidance, and on-going support to students with disabilities.

For information regarding housing accommodation requests (i.e. ADA, accessibility, allergies, dietary concerns, etc.), please contact the corresponding office/staff:

University Residence Halls

Contracts & Room Assignments

Dining & Culinary Services

Conference Services

University Apartments

University Apartments Office

Human Resources

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Division of University Housing is committed to providing a workplace where our employees can be successful, including providing reasonable accommodations in order for employees or applicants with disabilities to have equal employment opportunities.

For information regarding University Housing workplace accommodation requests, please contact:

Website Accessibility

We strive to comply with WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines for web accessibility through our use of the campus UW Theme in WordPress. View the UW Theme accessibility standards for more details. For questions or issues with the University Housing website, please contact:

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