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Support a Student

Students may struggle with procrastination throughout the college experience. Below are some suggested tools and resources to share with students:

Homesickness is a common aspect of the transition to college, and there are ways to manage it. Learn more about how you can support a student experiencing homesickness.

Some students may need some help navigating the challenges that arise when living with another individual. Follow this link for additional resources.

We encourage you to talk openly and honestly about alcohol use before your student arrives on campus.

Support Life in UW Housing

Every resident has laundry access to washers and dryers.

University Housing is lucky to have our very own Facilities team to address any maintenance concerns within your students’ room or residence hall. Submit a Maintenance Request easily online.

While attending UW–Madison and living within University Housing, students will be expected to follow specific policies and procedures expressed in the housing contract and located in the Student Housing Handbook. Below are some common policies students should review.

Housing has a registered dietitian to connect with you to discuss your dietary restrictions or concerns and advise on how best to move forward.

Information regarding move-in, move-out, and all break transitions can be found on our Moving & Breaks page.

We encourage you and your student to investigate all your options for living next year, including returning to the University Residence Halls. During this process, students can reserve their same room before others are allowed to select it, pick their specific room in a new residence hall, or live among a group of friends. Above all else, please take your time in making a decision, and be sure to take a look at why many University Housing residents decide to return each year.

Students have the option to authorize their parents or another third party to pay their housing bills. Visit our Billing & Rates page for more information about UW Housing bills and student food accounts.
Make a Payment

The terms and conditions listed under Sections 15, 16, and 17 in your contract fully explain the cancellation policy for University Residence Halls contracts. Here are a few highlights:

  • If you are a new student not attending UW-Madison, you can be released from your contract:
    • To cancel, log in to My UW Housing and follow the instructions on the “Request a Cancellation” form under the “Contract and Room” section.
    • Notification by May 1 ensures a full refund of your housing advance payment.
  • If you are a current student withdrawing or no longer attending UW-Madison, you can be released from your contract:
    • To be released, log in to My UW Housing and follow the instructions on the “Request a Cancellation” form under the “Contract and Room” section.
  • Contract releases to live off-campus while attending UW-Madison are only considered when demand for housing exceeds occupancy. As always, you have an option of a buy-out of your contract at 85% of the remaining financial obligation.
    • To be considered for release, complete the release request form in My UW Housing and follow the instructions on the “Request a Cancellation” form under the “Contract and Room” section.
  • You can be released from your University Residence Halls contract for the following reasons at the End of the Semester through My UW Housing starting in early November (you will forfeit your advance payment for all of these reasons except for graduation):
    • You are withdrawing from UW-Madison and will no longer be attending in the spring semester
    • You are studying abroad in the spring semester
    • You are transferring to a different school
    • You are an exchange/visiting international student for the fall semester only
    • You are graduating in the fall semester

Support Life on Campus

A student has the right to restrict the release of their public directory information by placing a FERPA restriction on that data.

The academic calendar for the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Wisconsin Welcome is a cross-campus collaboration involving a variety of events intended to welcome new students to the campus community.

Many students have a job on campus while also working to complete their degree.

UW Parent & Family Program

The Parent and Family Program helps you stay connected to campus and serves as your ongoing resource throughout your studentʼs college career.

Housing FAQs

The FAQs cover information about University Housing, on a variety of related topics.

Contact Housing

Our Contact Us form is intended for anyone who has a question about University Housing and helps ensure we have the information to best address your concern.

Email Updates for Parents/Support Persons

Students have the opportunity to enter an email address for a parent/guardian/support person to receive general updates and information from the University Residence Halls. Students log in to My UW Housing and then click on the “Verify” tab to add or edit email contacts. For any email addresses entered, be sure the email user adds AssignMe@housing.wisc.edu to their list of contacts so messages can be received.