Bradley Learning Community (BLC) residents pose for a photo outside Bradley Residence Hall

Learning & Theme Communities

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Learning Communities

Learning Communities offer exclusive classes and faculty/staff mentorship. In these communities, co-sponsored by UW-Madison Schools and Colleges, faculty, staff, and residents are brought together around a specific focus.

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Theme Communities

Theme communities bring together students with shared backgrounds or interests/affinities without the academic elements of Learning Communities. In these communities, residents foster belonging through shared experiences.

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How to Join a Learning or Theme Community

  1. Sign your University Residence Halls contract and submit your advance payment in My UW Housing
  2. Prioritize learning/theme communities over residence halls when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  3. Receive your room assignment

Note: learning community fees cover some of the costs of the additional services, programs, and staff that are made available to you while living in the community. Fees may be waived in cases of exceptional financial need by submitting a request for a fee waiver.

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Learning Communities

In addition to our residence hall spaces and theme communities, learning communities are designed to enhance and connect your experience both inside and outside the classroom. By living in these communities, you’ll be surrounded by friends who share your interests, making it easier to relate what you learn in classes to your future career and putting you on the fast track to success.

Why Join a Learning Community?

  • Exclusive special events, for-credit seminars, and activities built around your interests
  • Co-sponsored by UW-Madison Schools and Colleges
  • Open to students of any major — focus on your major or explore subjects to find your path
  • Past residents report a high degree of satisfaction with their living experience and the support they received in exploring academic and career interests
  • Additional staff to help residents succeed:
    • Faculty Directors: professors that provide leadership, discussion, and networking outside classes and office hours
    • Program Manager: full-time professional staff who oversee communities, plan events, and assist with career advising and academic support
    • Learning Community Program Assistants: students who previously lived in a learning community who provide education, recreation, and support to new residents
    • Peer Mentors: students who previously lived in a learning community who provide education and support to new residents in specific learning community seminars
  • Your level of involvement is completely up to you


Enrolling in a learning community seminar is a great way to become more involved with your community. Every learning community offers a seminar that only residents in that community are able to take. The seminar is related to the topic the learning community focuses on, so participating is a great way to learn more about that topic while taking a class with friends you’ve made in your community. Students easily connect with faculty, the university, and community leaders in these mostly 1-credit seminars that easily fit into course schedules.

Class Sections

To view class sections and courses reserved specifically for your residence hall or learning community, visit our residence hall class sections page.

Participation Level

Each learning community has different expectations. All encourage participation in seminars so you can make the most of your experience as a member of that learning community. Regardless of which type of participation level is asked of you, seminars introduce you to your neighbors, facilitate conversations on the topic area, and are an easy and rewarding way to earn academic credit within your residence hall. We strongly encourage you to enroll in the seminar in order to make the most of your experience, but it is not required. If you have more questions, you should talk with your academic advisor.

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Tour the Bradley Learning Community

Join us for an exclusive tour of the Bradley Learning Community (BLC)! The BLC is a high-energy, high-involvement, close-knit environment that brings you fully into the “Wisconsin Experience.” This tour is led by knowledgeable Peer Mentors and specifically designed for admitted students eager to dive into campus life. You will take an immersive journey through our vibrant learning community, gaining firsthand insights into student life, our proximity to state-of-the-art facilities, and the unique learning experience we offer. One of the highlights? You’ll step inside a real residence hall room, getting an authentic glimpse into your potential future home away from home. Don’t miss this opportunity to envision your college journey with us!

Tours are available at Bradley Residence Hall most Fridays in April from 4:15 – 5:15pm. To take a tour, log in and register at UW–Madison Office of Admissions & Recruitment’s Visit Bucky events for admitted students page.

Schedule a BLC Tour

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Theme Communities

In addition to our residence hall spaces and learning communities, UW-Madison University Housing’s theme communities offer residents an opportunity to be their authentic selves without the academic elements of learning communities.

Why Join a Theme Community?

  • Exclusive special events and activities built around community purposes
  • Students are brought together to be a part of a smaller, more connected community 
  • Dedicated staff supportive of communities
  • Access to campus and community resources
  • Open to students of any major

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Donations to University Housing learning and theme communities can be made through the University of Wisconsin Foundation at the link below. To ensure that your donation is processed correctly, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Designation drop-down menu select Other – detailed below
  2. In the large text box labeled, “If you would like to further restrict your gift…” you must type the following text:
    • Fund #12906942
    • The name of the learning or theme community you wish to donate to


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