University of Wisconsin–Madison

Our Dining Staff

Central Dining Office

Peter Testory

Director of Dining and Culinary Services

Patrick Pawelski

Assistant Director - Operations

Angela Erickson

Assistant Director - Purchasing

Paul Sprunger

Executive Chef

Phil Walter

Chef - Central Production/Bakery/Catering

Jodi Bodnar

Point of Sale Manager

Joe Mehring

Catering Manager

Unit Managers

Barb Brickson

Unit Manager - Carson's Market

Mark Gauthier

Unit Manager - Four Lakes Market

Greg Heintz

Unit Manager - Gordon Avenue Market

Mike Poehnelt

Unit Manager - Liz's Market

Sue Olson

Unit Manager - Rheta's Market

Unit Chefs

Gary Ness

Unit Chef - Carson's Market

Kevin Kontny

Unit Chef - Four Lakes Market

Kris Eckles

Unit Chef - Gordon Avenue Market

Kevin Hoblit

Unit Chef - Liz's Market

Tony Manowske

Unit Chef - Rheta's Market