Salad Bar in Liz's Market

Resident Dining Plans

"The dining halls had plenty of good vegetarian options! I'm vegetarian but all of my omnivorous friends get the vegan options pretty often because of their macros."

Drew S., Smith Residence Hall

Dining Plan Options

Meals 10 meals per week
can do up to 2 meal exchanges per week
Guest Meals None
Dining Dollars $100 per semester
Meals 14 meals per week
can do up to 4 meal exchanges per week
Guest Meals 3 guest meals per semester
Dining Dollars $200 per semester
Meals unlimited meals per week (can swipe every 30 mins)
can do up to 6 meal exchanges per week
Guest Meals 3 guest meals per semester
Dining Dollars $450 per semester
  • Meals Per Week – meals that a student is able to use during a calendar week that expire at the end of each week (only redeemable in Housing Dining markets)
  • Guest Meals – meals a student can use to bring a guest in to dine with them (redeemable only in Housing Dining markets)
  • Meal Exchange – a meal a student can use at Flamingo Runs, The Bean & Creamery, Southeast Café, or Shake Smart for a combo/item or at Babcock Dairy and Wisconsin Union locations for a $5 credit that counts as a meal swipe (only redeemable in these Housing Dining, Babcock, and Union locations). Check out our meal exchange options.
  • Dining Dollars – retail dollars that can be used at any campus food location, including any Housing Dining location or Wisconsin Union location (5% discount on all purchases)

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Dining Plan Rates

What's on Your Wiscard

You will use your Wiscard, your UW-Madison issued student ID, to manage your weekly meals, meal exchanges, dining dollars, and guest meals (if applicable with your plan). You will do this by swiping your card at check-out when prompted by the cashier. In addition, you can also use your Wiscard to access in-person services and purchase other non-food items on-campus and at other locations on-campus.

Your Wiscard contains three sets of funds that can be used in different ways:

Housing Meals

Can be used for meals at Housing Dining markets:

  • Carson’s
  • Four Lakes
  • Gordon Avenue
  • Liz’s
  • Lowell
  • Rheta’s



  • Expire weekly (except guest meals)
  • Best deal for meals
  • Paid for in semesterly Housing bills

*Meal exchanges can be used at Flamingo Run, The Bean & Creamery, Southeast Café, Shake Smart, Babcock Dairy, and Wisconsin Union locations and will count against weekly meal count.

Dining Dollars

Can be used for food at any campus dining location:


  • Expire at end of academic year
  • 5% discount on food purchases
  • Paid for in semesterly Housing bills

Wiscard Account

Can be used for any purchases at campus locations accepting Wiscard:

  • Food
  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • Copies
  • Books
  • Apparel
  • Technology
  • Recreation
  • Event tickets


  • Money carries over throughout time at UW-Madison
  • 5% discount on food purchases
  • Must deposit separately – can add money at any time

Have more questions about dining?

Dining Plan FAQs

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All information below is for the 2023-24 academic year. 

All residents living in University Residence Halls in the academic year are required to select a weekly dining plan. Your dining plan gives you a designated number of meals per week based on the plan you select. There are three options for you to choose from. Explore them and consider which option will fit your schedule and eating habits best. If you have questions or would like help finding the best fit for you, reach out to us at