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Moving Out

Check Out

University Apartment Keys

When you are ready to leave, put your keys, parking permit, and your hangtag (pieces are okay) — if you have paid parking — in a yellow Express Check-out envelope (pick one up at the Community Center or University Apartments Facilities Office) and put the envelope in the drop box at the Community Center (next to the ATM) or at the Apartment Facilities Office (in the entry). Your apartment will be inspected the next working day after receiving your keys.

Keep in mind:

  • All keys must be turned in by midnight of your Leave Date (see your lease termination information). If keys are turned in late you may be charged for extra days rent and/or core changes.
  • If you are leaving before the date in your termination confirmation, turn your key in before you leave. Do not rely on others to turn in your keys.
  • If you do not turn in all keys, you will be charged for a lock change.

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Our expectation is that your apartment will be clean and in good condition when you move-out.

Follow the cleaning guidelines here to help you meet our cleaning expectations, and minimize the possibility of charges for additional cleaning after you have moved out. Previous residents have estimated that it takes about 20 hours to thoroughly clean an apartment. We recommend that you start early so you are not faced with cleaning the entire apartment at the end of an already long day.

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UA Cleaning products

Additional Information

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  • We do not bill for small nail holes made by the picture hooks provided by University Apartments. We will charge for damage caused by the use of other fasteners and hangers, such as screws, large nails, and ceiling hooks. Holes in woodwork or doors are considered damage. Attempting to repair damaged areas will not preclude you from being charged. Other common damages are burns in floors or countertops and cuts in countertops. If you have questions, please contact us before you leave.

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  • Charges will be assessed for any areas not cleaned to University Apartments standards and for damages beyond normal wear and tear. Heavily soiled or stained carpet, smoke damage, mildew, or inadequate cleaning may result in cleaning or repair charges being assessed.
  • Appeals for check-out charges must be made in writing and emailed to universityapartments@housing.wisc.edu. All appeals must be received within 60 days of the invoice posting to your account.

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Security Deposits

  • Security deposits will be refunded after all check-out procedures are completed and all Division of University Housing accounts have been cleared. Typically this takes four to six weeks. If you are moving overseas and cannot cash a check in U.S. funds, please make arrangements in advance to designate someone to receive the balance of your security deposit. Make sure this information is communicated to the Leasing Office. If you need the check made out to someone else, we need authorization on file with your signature.

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Rental Reference

  • University Housing policy requires that we have a written release from residents in order to provide reference information to prospective landlords and mortgage lenders. You can obtain a release form at the Cashier’s Office in Slichter Hall, the University Apartments Office, or www.housing.wisc.edu. Be prepared to provide picture identification to verify who you are when submitting this form.
  • For rental reference, prospective landlords and mortgage lenders should contact the Cashier’s Office:
    Email: cashier.office@housing.wisc.edu
    Phone: 608-262-2230
  • An Authorization to Release Information Form must be on file with University Apartments before any rental reference information will be release to other rental companies, banks, or lenders.

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Most Common Reasons Residents are Charged at Move-Out:

  • Kitchen, bathroom, and windows need more cleaning.
  • Grease is not thoroughly removed from kitchen surfaces, wall, and/or ceiling.
  • Painted surfaces are dirty or have crayon, marker, or stickers on them.
  • Main door lock or mailbox lock has to be changed because you did not turn in all the keys issued to you.*
  • Oven and/or stove top need more cleaning.
  • Heavy damage to walls, doors, or flooring needs repair.
  • Painting needed beyond routine painting.
  • Removal of items left in apartment or storage area.
  • Kitchen cabinets or drawers are dirty inside.
  • Heat thermostat is damaged.
  • Carpet is stained or burned.
  • Countertops are dirty, stained, burned, or have significant cuts.

Following the cleaning guidelines will minimize the possibility of cleaning charges. If the cleaning expectations are not clear, please contact the Apartment Facilities Office (262-2037).

*Note: the charge for changing the door locks is $75 if you do not turn in–all apartment keys issued during the lease. The charge for a mailbox lock change when all mailbox keys are not turned in on time is $25. If the University Apartments issued padlock that is provided on basement storage units is not left on that storage unit, there will be a $35 charge for its replacement. All purchased keys must be turned in and the cost is nonrefundable. If you are not sure how many keys were issued for the apartment, contact the University Apartments Office.

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Moving Checklist

  • Make moving arrangements. Search for companies that will move your belongings or rent moving vehicles. It is very important that you confirm moving arrangements at least two weeks prior to your moving date. If you will need special parking arrangements for a container or a truck, please contact the Apartment Facilities Office in advance of your move to make arrangements. Moving vehicles may not be parked on the lawn or blocking walkways. Make sure you arrange for moving early enough. Sometimes vehicles are not available on the date you want. You may not be able to stay in your apartment if your moving plans are delayed.
  • Take a tour of your apartment and decide which items can be discarded, sold, or donated to charity. Refer to the Recycling Guide and Storage Policy for guidelines on the disposal of large items. “For Sale” notices may be posted on the bulletin boards at the Community Center, the Brown Bus Shelter, and on bus stop kiosks. The University Apartments Office sponsors community-wide yard sales, usually in late spring and early fall. Be familiar with any packing restrictions the moving company might have. Many thrift stores will pick up large donations.

  • Make arrangements to have items picked up before your leave. We are not able to issue keys to others or store items. Anything of value left in your apartment can be stored will be held for 30 days before being discarded, according to State regulations. You will be charged for the removal of items.

  • Inform the University of your new address. Be sure to update your “My UW” account with a forwarding address which can be accessed from the University homepage www.wisc.edu. University Housing will also need your new address in order to refund your security deposit. You can inform Housing of your forwarding address when you turn in your termination form or when you turn in your keys.

  • Check your mailbox before you leave and be sure to fill out a Change of Address form with the Post Office. Forms are available at the Post Office (or online at www.usps.com). Let your bank, any companies that send you a bill, and any companies that send you magazines or catalogs know that you are moving. It can take six weeks to change the mailing address on magazines, so start this process early. If you have any questions about forwarding or holding mail, contact the Hilldale Station of the U.S. Postal Service at 1-800-275-8777. The post office will forward your mail for up to 12 months for first-class mail and 60 days for periodicals and magazines.

  • Make your final payment. Make arrangements to make your final rent payment. Remember you may not owe the same amount if you are leaving mid month and provided 90 days notice. You may owe rent after you leave if you did not provide 90 days notice to terminate your lease.

  • Arrange to discontinue or transfer electric service. If you live in Eagle Heights or University Houses, call Madison Gas & Electric Company at 252-7222 to cancel or transfer electricity service or visit www.mge.com.

  • If you have Paid Parking, return the hang tag to the University Apartments Office in order to receive a prorated refund (if applicable). There is a charge for hang tags not returned.

  • Take everything out of closets, cabinets, drawers, and your apartment storage area. It helps to leave cabinet and closet doors open, so you can tell that those spaces have been emptied, especially the upper cabinets. Be sure to empty your storage locker.

  • Move out of your apartment. Park your moving vehicle on the street or in your parking stall. Do not drive on the grass (you can be charged for damage to the lawn), or on sidewalks. Do not block other people’s parking spaces. If you are moving out early in the morning or late at night, please be considerate of your neighbors who may be sleeping or studying. Quiet Hours are 10 p.m.–8 a.m. If you are using a large moving truck or a storage container that is too large to fit into your assigned parking stall, please contact the Apartment Facilities Office in advance for an alternative location.

  • Check around the outside of your building for anything that belongs to you. Be sure to check the lawn, sandbox, and bike racks. Items left behind will be removed according to the Storage Policy. Park your moving vehicle on the street or in your parking stall.

  • Clean your apartment. Cleaning guidelines are included in this packet. Heavily soiled or stained carpet, smoke damage, mildew, or inadequate cleaning may result in cleaning or repair charges. Cleaning supplies mentioned in this brochure are available at area supermarkets, hardware stores, and mass merchandisers. Be sure to read all directions before using any cleaning product.

  • Take a second walk through. Go through your apartment and thoroughly check all cabinets, closets, and drawers for overlooked items. Make sure your storage locker is empty and the lock provided by University Apartments is left behind. The cost for removal of property left behind will be included in your check-out charges.

  • Shut and lock all apartment windows and doors as you leave.

  • Turn down the heat. If you are leaving during heating season, please turn your heat down to 65 degrees F when you leave.

  • Turn in all your apartment and mailbox keys and your parking sticker(s) and hangtag (if applicable). Return all of your keys, parking sticker(s), and hangtag (if you have paid parking) by midnight on the date that you specified as your last day in the apartment on your lease termination form. Put your yellow Express Check-out envelope in the drop box either at the Community Center or the University Apartments Office. Be sure to leave a forwarding address so we can send any security deposit due to you after all charges have been processed.

Note: You may be charged for additional days rent, lock core changes, or both, if keys are turned in late or not at all.

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