Bucky birthday cake

Care Packages

Our Care Package Offerings


Starbucks Care Packages - UW Mug & Giftcard

UW Mug & $25 Giftcard – $37.95
This mug is the perfect way to start the day for your favorite student and at-home coffee lover and let’s your Badger come back for more with our giftcard!

Bucky birthday cake

Birthday Cake (1/4 Sheet) – $32.00
Our decorated, personalized birthday cake serves 12 people. Choose a chocolate, vanilla, or marble cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting. Plates and utensils are provided in a reusable shopping bag.

Milk and chocolate chip cookies

Jumbo Brownie – $12.50
A rich treat great for anytime a student needs a pick me up! Our jumbo brownie features deep chocolate taste and can be personalized with a special message.


Dozen Cupcakes – $15.00
Perfect for sharing with friends or any celebration. Choose chocolate or white cupcakes with chocolate or confetti frosting.


Up All Night Studying – $22.00
This assortment of study snack favorites is perfect for a night of intense studying. The package includes a Bai drink, cranberry trail mix, Clif Bar, Snickers Bar, Cheez It Duoz, Awake Chocolate Bar, oatmeal cup, and Yerba Mate in a reusable shopping bag.


Starbucks UW Sparkle Cup & $25 Giftcard

UW Sparkle Cup & $25 Giftcard – $49.95
Your busy Badger can now bring coffee on-the-go with this shiny reusable cup and can stop back at our Starbucks for more coffee with our giftcard!

Birthday Cake (6” Layered) – $26.00
This small 6” layered celebration cake is the perfect way to wish your Badger a “Happy Birthday.”  Choose a chocolate, vanilla, or marble cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting. Plates and utensils are provided in a reusable shopping bag.

Giant chocolate chip cookie heart

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie – $12.50
Perfect way to congratulate a student on a test or anytime! This giant cookie can be decorated and personalized with a short message.

Healthy Snack Bag – $20.00
Chock full of healthy treats, this care package is a perfect gift for your busy student. The package comes with a Bai drink, pretzel crisps, quinoa cup, garden vegetable straws, Skinny Pop popcorn, trail mix, and a Kind Fruit & Nut Bar in a reusable shopping bag.


Get Well Soon – $32.00
An assortment of cold “remedies” to get your Badger feeling better quickly! The package includes two Campbell’s Cup soups, saltine crackers, two Vitamin Waters, cold & flu medicine, two packages of Emergen-C, Kleenex packet, Advil, a banana, and an orange in a reusable shopping bag.

Care Package Pick Up

Your student will pick up their care package at the closest dining unit to their residence hall that is open on the selected pick up date.  Students who do not live in the residence halls will pick up their care packages at the Gordon Dining & Event Center.

On the pick-up date, we will send your student an email notification with instructions for picking up their care package at 4PM or after.  If they cannot pick up the item on the selected pick up date, the item will still be available for 72 hours.  Any care packages not picked up within the 72-hour window will be tossed and not replaced if enough time has passed that we feel it is not safe to eat.

If you do not receive a confirmation email after placing your order, please email carepackages@housing.wisc.edu or call (608) 262-0057.



Valentine's Day Special! 

Send someone special a Valentine’s Day treat! Available to order through Wednesday, February 8, at 5pm.

valentine's heart cookie

Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Heart – $12.50
A decorated heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie with the option of adding a personalized message.

valentine cupcakes

Four Pack Valentine’s Day Cupcakes – $6.50
Includes two frosted chocolate and two frosted white cupcakes with Valentine’s Day-themed decorations.