Bradley Learning Community residents hold up photo booth photos at Devocation

Bradley Learning Community (BLC)

BLC staff provided tremendous support for both my academic and personal goals. I felt truly cared for and I'm so grateful for the friendships I’ve made.

Shanthi C., BLC Resident


BLC residents present their core curriculum project at Roundtable

ILS 157: Bradley Roundtable Seminar | 1-credit

Build important connections as soon as you arrive on campus in this small class environment. Each section is facilitated by faculty members representing departments from Biomedical Engineering to Psychology to Scandinavian Studies, enabling first-year students to easily get to know professors outside lectures. Relationships formed in Roundtable lead to study groups, research positions, future roommates, lifelong friendships, and new passions in college and beyond.

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With a strong emphasis on building community, student staff work with residents to create a variety of events tailored to the interests of first-year students. Residents can join the  Nestled against beautiful Lake Mendota, BLC residents are able to enhance their education with learning experiences outside the classroom, including:

  • Hikes in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve
  • Bonfires around the Dejope Fire Circle
  • Pick-up soccer games with faculty
  • Service projects benefitting the Madison area
  • De-stressing nights emphasizing mindfulness & self-care

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Peer Mentors

BLC connects students to valuable campus resources, beginning with Peer Mentors. These second-year students remember how it feels to be starting a new phase of life in an unfamiliar place. They help new residents adjust to college, offer direction and advice, and provide tips for navigating UW-Madison. They also help Faculty Fellows tailor the BLC seminar to the needs of students in their section so each new student benefits from the course in a unique way.

Bradley Board

The Bradley Board is your hall organization. This group assists in planning events such as trips to Six Flags, IMAX movies, and arranging instructors to teach activities like yoga, dance, or martial arts.

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BLC Professional Staff

Sara Bowlin

Credentials: she/her(s)

Position title: Assistant Director of Residence Life

Susan Brantly

Position title: BLC Faculty Director, Professor of Scandinavian Studies

Jason Chambers

Position title: Residence Life Coordinator

Alex Mok

Position title: BLC Leadership Team - Cross-College Advising Service

BLC Faculty Fellows

Wally Block

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Biomedical Engineering

Susan Brantly

Position title: BLC Faculty Director, Professor of Scandinavian Studies

Ron Harris

Position title: Faculty Fellow - English

Jeff Henriques

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Psychology

Paul Hooker

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Chemistry

Evelyn Howell

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Landscape Architecture

Bret Larget

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Botany

Drew Lokuta

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Kinesiology

Jon Martin

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Liz McCarthy

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Cross College Advising Service

Scott Mellor

Position title: Faculty Director of Nordic House (ILC)
Faculty Fellow of Scandinavian Studies (BLC)

Lynne Prost

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Biochemistry

Sharon Thoma

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Integrative Biology

Shivaram Venkataraman

Position title: Faculty Fellow - Computer Science