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GreenHouse Learning Community

GreenHouse helped me find my niche of people also interested in the environment and social justice through seminars, field trips, and student-led events.

Jordan Salinsky, GreenHouse Resident

Programs and Activities

Being the hands-on environment that it is, GreenHouse has many student-led initiatives take place throughout the year. Events and programs linked to experiential learning, food and environmental justice take place multiple times each semester. Residents are able to learn about the Madison community and its building projects, take part in cooking classes, canoe trips, and enjoy films and other travel opportunities. On average, residents have three opportunities each week to participate in a GreenHouse-sponsored event.

Seminar Info

All GreenHouse residents should enroll in the one-credit “GreenHouse Roots Seminar (Environmental Studies 117).” The seminar will provide a fertile foundation for our collective journey across the landscape of sustainability. Students will be challenged to think deeply about themselves and their place in the social and biophysical communities of which they are a part. You will read some provocative essays to help engage the meaning(s) of “sustainability” and consider how lifestyle and career choices impact other people and the environment. You will also have some fun in the process by taking the time to get to know fellow peers and traveling to experience firsthand the deep history of sustainability in Wisconsin and to learn more about current sustainability initiatives on the UW-Madison campus and in the greater Madison area.


Learning communities offer a variety of activities to participate in throughout the academic year. If you are a current resident of the community, use this Google Calendar to see which events and programs are coming up. For future residents, this calendar can also be used as a resource to determine what types of programming you can expect as a resident of the learning community.

GreenHouse Professional Staff

Sara Bowlin


Assistant Director of Residence Life

Tom Bryan

Program Coordinator

Kelly Giese

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Timothy Van Deelen

Professor of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Faculty Director of GreenHouse

Rachel Zizmann

Residence Life Coordinator