many national flags hung outside ILC

International Learning Community (ILC)

What is awesome about living in the ILC is that I get to meet so many students interested in other languages and cultures. No matter what our differences are, I can always be certain that we can relate on that aspect.

Devin Johnson, ILC Resident


ILC residents celebrating their Spring Festival

ILC Seminar Class | 1 Credit

ILC residents are able to take a one-credit, non-graded seminar that brings a faculty fellow and students together for one hour twice per month to explore and discuss a wide variety of international and cultural topics. These discussions take place in either the target language of their Language House (if they are a part of one) or in English. In many cases, faculty and students work together to plan discussions and activities for the roundtable course. Previous discussions have been centered on films, religion, current affairs, dialects, art, and contemporary issues.

ILC Seminar Flyer

Programs and Activities

One of the benefits of living in a Learning Community is the wide variety of activities offered for residents to participate in. Activities can include social events, networking lunches, seminars, field trips, and events within the greater Madison community. Learning communities often have signature events that are repeated year-to-year, but also include new activities based on resident’s input and preferences.

Each year, the ILC offers events that allow residents to build relationships within their community, explore world cultures, study languages, connect with experts and scholars, travel outside of Madison, and have fun. Listed below are some of the ILC’s signature events that are hosted yearly.

Some of the ILC’s yearly signature events include:

  • Convocation
  • International Division events:  Study abroad, Intern Abroad information sessions
  • Community-wide celebrations of cultural events hosted by Language Floors
  • Roundtable Dinners (two times per month)
  • End of Semester and End of year community socials
  • Winter Shopping Trips

ILC Professional Staff

Kelly Giese

Position title: Assistant Director of Residence Life

Magpie Mauthe

Position title: Program Coordinator

ILC Faculty Fellows

Charo D'Etcheverry

Position title: Faculty Director of ILC
Professor of Classical Japanese Literature

Karen Evans-Romaine

Position title: Faculty Director of Russian House

Adam Kern

Position title: Faculty Director of Japanese House

Julie Larson

Position title: Faculty Director of German House

Scott Mellor

Position title: Faculty Director of Nordic House (ILC)
Faculty Fellow of Scandinavian Studies (BLC)

Mustafa Mustafa

Position title: Faculty Director of Arabic House

Catherine Stafford

Position title: Faculty Director of Spanish House

Tianlu Zhang

Position title: Faculty Director of Chinese House