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WISE is located in:

Sellery Hall
821 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706-1798

Women in Science and Engineering

WISE women help out at a science fair.Located in Sellery Hall, the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) residential learning community is a stimulating environment, where motivated women interested in science, technology, engineering, or math make strong academic and personal connections with each other as well as UW-Madison staff and faculty who share their interests. As a WISE resident, you will benefit from having a personal academic and social network within the setting of a large research university. WISE participants often develop mentoring relationships with faculty members and Madison-area professionals as well as meaningful friendships with each other.

Read more about WISE's benefits in this UW-Madison news article: Residential community helps science-minded college women succeed

Welcome to WISE!

As the incoming Faculty Director, I would like to welcome you to our WISE community and let you know how excited I am to meet you this Fall! I previously served as WISE Faculty Director from 2011-2012, and enjoyed it so much that I am returning to the job.

I have been a Professor at the UW-Madison for 10 years, and being Faculty Director of WISE has been one of my favorite activities during this time. On the academic side, I love WISE because our data incontrovertibly show that participation in WISE leads to a significant increase in graduation rate. In terms of research, it has been wonderful to see so many WISE women go on to get undergraduate research experience in the labs of faculty that they first met at a WISE seminar dinner. It is even more gratifying that WISE itself has been able to award fellowships that have funded these research opportunities.

And finally, of course, there is the social part of WISE, which spans a really amazing breadth of activities and truly does lead to lifelong friendships. The personal connections that people make through WISE are the main underpinning of its success as a learning community, and the WISE peer mentors, staff, and I are ready to help make WISE a fantastic and memorable experience for you.

If you are a woman interested in science, technology, engineering or math, I encourage you to consider choosing WISE. You will be glad you did. 

I look forward to meeting you! You will really enjoy being in WISE.


Prof. Kristyn Masters

Biomedical Engineering

What's great about being WISE?

  • WISE women are leaders at a Big 10 Research 1 University.
  • The feeling of mutual respect between peers makes finding friends and group study easier.
  • The weekly seminar is a great opportunity to explore interesting topics. All WISE residents are expected to enroll in the WISE seminar.
  • A variety of fun events, such as the science of chocolate, behind-the-scenes industry tours, theater and concert performances, and travel to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee for unique experiences in culture and science