Large Items, Moving Trucks, Storage Pods, & Moving Out

If you are moving out of University Apartments or will be soon, visit our Moving Out page for information on wrapping up your time in our community successfully.

Discarding Large Items

Any property you’d like to discard, please be sure to use the trash and recycle bins properly. If you have large furniture items, bikes, old Christmas trees, they are to be placed on the ground, in front of the trash bins. Please DO NOT place these items inside the bins.

The University Apartments Community Center no longer has donation bins. If you have personal items you’d like to donate, please consider community organizations like Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul. There are several locations throughout the Madison area.

Parking Moving Trucks/Storage Pods

If you have a moving truck or storage pod to use during your move-out, please have them placed in your assigned parking stall, but they should not exceed the parameters of your assigned stall. Be sure the door/ramp to the pods do not open sideways next to another vehicle.

If your truck is too large for your assigned stall, you will need to park it in Lot Z (at the top of Eagle Heights Dr.). When you are ready to load the truck, you can park on the curbside of your building or area. Please do not block the parking stalls, incoming or outgoing traffic.

If the storage pods are too large for your assigned stall, please speak with your neighbors about using their stall (directly next to yours), or use two visitor parking stalls, next to each other.

You may park your personal vehicles in visitor parking stalls while the trucks/pods occupy your assigned parking stalls.

Please DO NOT drive on the grass or on sidewalks. The damage that can be done to the lawn is very costly, and you will be charged for repairs needed. If you need assistance or guidance about where to park, please contact the Apartments Facilities office at (608) 262-2037. We are available Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.